Add-ons are running but Home assistent says not

So I migrated to a Raspberry pi4 because the low power consumption.

but now I have problems with my Add-ons. I can start them like vaultwarden. but when I look in my overview all my addons are not running if I open them I get the option to start them. But they are already running. Also I can’t access them via the sidebar because it says not running but it is.

What do I need to provide to get this fixed?

OS info
Board: rpi4-64
version: 8.4

How did you “migrate” and from what?

There have been a number of similar problems presented on the forum in the last few days. It is presumably a supervisor bug.

eg Addons not starting

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Same here, all updated but even after the restart I still see some addons grayed while they are running.

Is there any news on this? I am also having the same issue. Add on’s seems to be off (they are grey in the dashboard) and can’t open the webui from the left menu (it says that they need to be started). In the super visor log it says they are already running. I have this problem after migrating from a 32 bit docker home assistant migration to a home assistant os 64 bit. I used a backup to restore alle my config and data (most seem to work nicely).
The strange thing is that a new add on i installed (unifi network controller) has the same problem. But when i go the the URL of that add on (different port number) then i can fully use the add on.
Are there any solutions available for this problem?