Add option for switching places of target and current temperature in the new climate cards

Why randomly swap the temperature target / actual displays?
Or was someone not paying attention?

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Adding my vote as well. The new thermostat card is beautiful, but not having the current temperature be the larger, more prominent value doesn’t make sense to me.

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Plus one.

New card has been forced upon the user base and ruined my UX.
Really bad move to dictate this change.


Fully agree, although, compared to this current/target switch, it’s a minor issue.

When you have 1-2 thermostats the new feature buttons are probably ok, but when you got 15+ it’s a whole lot of buttons.

Someone should open a new feature request for this. It certainly has my vote.

Maybe the best option would be just to have 2 themes: old one, new one. As much as the new one looks nice, those are minor design tweaks. On the other hand the functionally has pretty much deteriorated in every possible aspect. If given a choice I would switch to the old one without a doubt. It didn’t look so bad in the first place.

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I’ve replaced every thermostat card by a better thermostat UI card, it was impossible to read the dashboard at a glance…

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Good suggestion Glasofruix - thanks for this! I was aware of this project, but didn’t think to use it as a replacement!

Just spent some time playing with this on a couple of my thermostats. It looks promising, although I will have to upgrade all my thermostats to BT first and run it for a few weeks to see if it’s stable.

I installed lovelace-card-mod to increase the font size of the main temperature (I don’t need window open etc) and remove the line and now it’s pretty close to the stock card and has some additional information/control (humidity, eco temp), which is useful. I also prefer the title of the room at the top that BT card provides. For some reason on my dashboard, the target temp and humidity seemed to not have enough space, so I scaled things a bit to make it fit nicely.

If it works out then I think this could be a good solution/better outcome for me.

Here are my mods, in case anyone else is trying to get close to the original. I’m not sure I can shrink the size of the slider, but I don’t mind that so much.

  style: |
    .name { margin-bottom: 20px }
    bt-ha-control-circular-slider { transform: scale(1.1) !important; }
    .main-value { 
      font-size: 25px !important;
      letter-spacing: -0.5px !important;
    line { stroke: transparent !important;} 
    .window, .summer { display: none }

Which makes it look like this:


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I’ve now done the same. With 17 thermostats it was impossible to navigate without touching and changing multiple settings with those oversized discs going right to the edges. A complete nightmare! Did no-one test this before releasing? Form over Function strikes again.

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This will be a replacement for me. Just a toggle to swap and some other improvements.

A link for anyone looking for it that might not use HACS.

Works fine without the integration its meant for.

Many people did in the beta testing. Not only that but user feedback was sought during the design process. See

So what you are seeing in this topic is a vocal minority.

Personally I like the large target temp. My climate integration reports the duct temperature instead of the room temperature (even though it actually uses room temp for control). So I have another display for the actual room temperature as the temperature in the climate card is meaningless.

Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 08-56-46 Overview – Home Assistant

Adding my vote as well.

I am adding my vote as well.

I watched all 9 minutes of the video relevant to this issue. Nothing was discussed about the decision to make the set temperature the larger value. A lot of discussion went into the usability of the ring to change the temperature. If I was to guess, the change was made for those who want this displayed as a small card. It would be difficult to read the set value without it being big.

I was in software development and know how siloed one can get when writing user interfaces. Making good UI really depends on meeting the needs of the user not what you as a programmer think is beautiful. I suspect their beta testing sample was not representative.

Your use of the term “vocal minority” is dismissive. Good for you, your use case works with the new design. It does not work for others.

This is poor UI design as is breaks the paradigm set by standard thermostats. It seems that is has become fashionable for smart thermostats to have the set temperature large and in the middle. Nest, Amazon, and Ecobee all show this design choice. Since the hardware fixes this choice it cannot be changed. But a HA card is just code. Better Thermostat Climate Card UI shows that the values can be switched - its not undoable. Its just a variable being written to a text box. We don’t have to be forced into poor UI.


There is no such thing. Case in point:

Which of those is bigger?

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I agree this should be a configurable option, especially as it was the other way around just a few days ago, while 60+ votes in a few days seems like quite a large “vocal minority”. During testing what was the actual fraction of testers in favour of swapping it?


To call someone a minority you actually need to back it up with some numbers. All that I can read and hear are loose terms like “many”, “a bunch” etc. So please, do tell, how many users voted for this change? How many of those have a single thermostat, and how many 10-20+ thermostats? Also, how many votes does it take to make us a majority? Btw. your “duct temperature” use case is meaningless, since you are definitely a minority with this specific use case.

Judging by the sound of your tone, is this a “no fix” or are you actually considering making this right? I don’t get why would anyone be against making this configurable. But if you really refuse to acknowledge that this doesn’t work for everyone (I seriously doubt we are a minority btw), then please do tell, so we can migrate to better alternatives. I really don’t have time to move 20 thermostats to another card, and then switch it back in a few weeks if you do decide to fix this


How about 63 votes vs this many users most of whom would have a climate device.

It is also a common reaction every release. A small number of users scream blue murder about minor changes.

Also try and maintain some perspective. There really is no need to get upset about the size of a font.

I mean seriously… what kind of argument is that. So, all existing users voted for this, except for the 63 of us… yeah right. At least 90% of them them don’t use, or vote, or know about this community. So what, you are expecting a feature request to have at least 150k votes to consider it… If that is the case, remove feature requests, they are completely pointless.

My questions remains, how many test users were there, and how many voted for this change?

I fully agree, there is no reason to make a fuss out of the size of the font… so why did you mess with it in the first place, and why are you putting down users that just want it configurable. All that I see are 3 guys in the video patting each other on the back on how great they did (without a single argument of what makes this better), not even considering any of the issues raised here, and making fun on 8 thermostats… And a moderator putting down people that are trying to point out to a bad design decision


The developers have made it clear they do not want to support massive numbers of configurable options for trivial settings, but good luck with your FR.

What is “trivial” is up for debate, not something that a moderator on a forum gets to define. For people with 10-20+ thermostats, this is not trivial.

Great argumentation so far. 0 explanation why you changed this. 0 arguments on how is this better than the previous version. 0 answers to direct questions… This is a text book example of a bruised ego after making a bad decision that wasn’t thought through… defending it purely out of spite, without any argumentation. If this is the way you handle things, then close feature requests, or at least get a less ignorant moderator


Good because I don’t. The developers who have to support the option do.

I see this is pointless. No argumentation at all, just putting people down… Better thermostat card it is…

The last question I have… is being a moderator here a paid deal? If at least a fraction of the money goes here, I’ll definitely reconsider paying a Nabu Casa subscription ever again. Like most people, I’m paying it purely out of support. If ignorance and arrogance is what we get back, for legitimate argumented feature requests, it’s not worth it.