Add Samsung Smart Tag support to SmartThings integration

This would be AWESOME

I’m eager to have this function as well. Maybe Google stepping up will help Google Find My network.

Request since 3 years now and still no progress on this? I’m wondering if it’s even possible by now.

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Honestly, I’d expect that it’s even more doable now than ever, what with the bluetooth changes made not too long ago in HA. Though, who knows if we will ever see anything come to fruition though.

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I don’t have a bluetooth adaptor on my server. So I can’t try if it can find it. But I think to remember before when I had this, that I found a sensor that could detect presence. And that might be able to detect it (already). Sadly I can’t test this atm.

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I’m currently trying my luck in writing a custom component for SmartTags (or rather SmartThings Find in general). Authentication will be an issue though, as there seems to be no easy login automatically (captcha…). Currently I do it by loging in using a browser and copy the JSESSIONID-Cookie to HA. It works but I can’t tell yet how long this token will be valid.

If someone knows of another (more robust) way to authenticate, please let me know.

What works so far is having the SmartTags as device_tracker entities and a button for each SmartTag to let it ring.

Once I have it in a useable state I will publish it here.


Looking forward to your progress! If I can help in any way, feel free to pm me

As promised, here’s the custom integration:

Feel free to test and let me know if you encounter any issues. Regarding authentication, I found a way which I think is quite usable: The app simulates the login via QR code. This does not require captcha validation and you also do not need to copy tokens from your browser cookies. However we’re still limited to the lifetime of the session - if the session expires, we need to login again. I do not know yet how long a session lasts. Time will show.

Feel free to give me give me all kind of feedback, this is my first custom integration :slight_smile:

If you have a feature request, please also create an issue and I will try my best to implement it, but keep in mind that my spare time is quite limited :slightly_smiling_face:


Just added. Went ok and seems to find my devices via find.

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Just installed through HACS.

After logging via QR code, HA found everything on my Samsung account, including laptop and buds.

I was able to configure automations using the button as trigger.

Seems great. This stuff should be bundled inside the default SmartThings integration.

By the way, since it can also locate my laptop, I’ll use its location as a trigger. Maybe turn off some sockets when I commute to work.


Glad you god it to work :slight_smile:

Adding it to the official integration is most likely not going to happen, as SmartThings Find is using a completely different API. Also this API is not official and thus the integration in theory could break at any time if Samsung decides to change something…


Nice work Thank you! I waited for this almost a year! It works with smart tag+ and smart tag2 as well.
The installation were super easy!
Small hint: the button you see in the automation part of HA is not the button on the smart tag. It is the find button in HA.


@Benedev you immediately state that it

does not allow you to perform actions based on button presses on the SmartTag! There are other ways to do that.

Can you please tell me what this “other ways” are?

I’ve got a Samsung SmartTag collecting dust for ages and would like to use it as a doorbell. :slight_smile:

You could expose a device (e.g. a virtual switch) from Home Assistant to SmartThings and in the SmartThings App make the button press control this switch. You can then trigger an Home Assistant automation based on the state this switch.

Keep in mind that button presses on SmartTags only work if your phone is within Bluetooth range so a doorbell might not be the best use case for this.

I did exactly that before seeing your reply, but the virtual switch doesn’t detect the button press neither in SmartThings nor in Home Assistant.

I am trying another route now by using the Pushbullet integration so that whenever my phone gets a SmartTag notification from SmartThings it triggers an automation in HA.

This integration works great with zones. Can’t say anything about Smart Tags, but my S22U, Buds Live and Galaxy watch are being tracked nicely in and out of zones.

Question is - is there a way to set it all up for room level tracking? Is there anything that uses UWB and plays ball with home assistant at all? My goal is to have a ESP32 UWB device or some such sit in each room and detect my phone and watch for proximity, ideally down to 0.1m precision, which will be able to distinguish between simply walking into the bedroom and actually occupying the bed.

You sir are awesome!

I installed it and have a bug + feature request (if possible)

  1. apostrophe as string get bad read from smart things (i’ve opened a “issue” with example)
  2. I only get “Home” or “Away” (or other areas i defined), is there a way to get the exact address instead of “Away”?
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My phonescreen lights up every couple of minutes since I use this integration. I disabeld my phone in Home assistant in the integration. How can I stop it?

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I’ve noticed number one as well.

Wait, how did you determine it to be this addon? My phone has also been doing this a lot lately and I’ve no idea why.