Add service integration.reload

to the services.
At startup some integrations fail to initialize properly. Not sure why (might be timing issues due to a large instance).
However, clicking the reload in the UI integrations page is always very helpful

Would be nice if we could write a small script to do so, and click that from the Frontend. Without having to go into settings/integrations/select integration/options/reload…

just have a script with

       service: integration.reload
          name: Weatherbit

and we can even do that automatically upon

      platform: homeassistant
      event: start

Would this .reload service reload all integrations? I know that since 0.115, we have a lot more .reload services available.

What would also be a “nice to have” is an abstract integration.reload method that integrations could take advantage of to allow for various [integration].reload services to be available. I’m thinking along the same lines as how the unloading mechanism works today.

as I described it, it would reload per integration, as I would hope to be possible. surely the current option for reloading could be written into a service.

not really sure what other option you would seek?

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I didn’t see the part about reloading per integration. Sorry about that.

A blanket reload_all would be nice sometimes for reloading all integrations without having to restart the core.

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The introduction of this service would be wonderful. When restarting or rebooting the HA and operating some devices in Vera, these devices do not update in the HA. Following the path: “configuration / integrations / Vera / Menu / reload” the devices updated their status immediately in HA.

I like this idea. I was just searching to see if such a service existed and I had just missed it.

My Roomba integration seems to loose it’s connection, restarting the service settings/integrations/select integration/options/reload is an improvement over restarting the entire Home Assistant instance, but a service to automate the process via Alexa integration would be even better.

The same problem with me. When restarting the HA, some devices from Vera do not have the status displayed correctly in the HA.

With VERA integration you only need to update some sensors to their last status… I use an automation on HA start for my VERA entities…

    - sensor.hem_12
    - sensor.hem_clamp_1_13
    - sensor.hem_clamp_2_14
service: homeassistant.update_entity

sure, we can manually update a few entities, but that’s hardly user-friendly nor possible in the case where the full integrations hasn’t initialized, and needs a reload.

+1 for me. I have to reload that annoying ikea integration.

I’m really interested in this. the DSMR integration hangs a lot due to a dropping tcp connection. A fix woulld be to force reconnection. A broken connection is easily recognizable as the integration would normally update with really regular intervals.

Right now there is a workaround that already kind of works like this. However it requires long lived access tokens and is pretty dirty:

I would definitely like to see this added.

I also agree, I wish I had a way to automatically reload some integrations when I detect that there’s an issue (a sensor unavailable for some time).

yes, that was my thought too, manual and automatic reloading if necessary.thanks for the +1 :wink:

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I have the same issue with esphome, my wifi is not so much reliable and I programmatically lose some devices

This. Have you found a way yet to automatically reload this integration?

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+1 from me. A very great idea! Need the buggy Home Connect integration to relead 2 times a day by automation.

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+1 from me. I need a way to automatically reload the Ikea integration as it fails regularly. But it can be fixed by a reload.

I’m experiencing problems with my Tado integration. After a restart of home assistant core. My Tado sensors are up but my Tado climate devices are often unavailable. With a manual reload of the Tado integration this is fixed. I would be great that I can automate this.

+1 from me. I can see why this is very useful for a lot of people!