Add support for Android Auto

Today android makes it official and is now allowing third party apps to develop more then just a messages or media app.


I don’t even need the full app, just being able to unlock my front door from inside the car would be amazing. I can already do this on the phone but it would save steps.


Looks like its still limited. “navigation, parking, and charging apps”

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Came here to say that, this is not the support we are looking for yet. We need the smart home stuff.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that you can publish your Android Auto navigation, parking, and charging apps to production!

I have to be honest, I still can’t see the use case for such a thing, sorry! :slight_smile: My car is connected to HA with a battery monitor and a BT-tag. That means, if I’m coming near my garage with the car, presence detection knows the car is home and opens the garage, if it’s not already in there… :wink:

A bluetooth tag works OK in a single door case. If you’re renting a car, just take the tag with you. If you’re out on a walk-about and want to enter through the garage, just take the tag with you.
But, if you have more than one door, automatic can’t choose for you. Opening the door through android auto would be easier than fishing for your phone and maybe easier than feeling for the clicker and finding the right button, especially for multiple doors.
I can also see turning on a light or unlocking a door (of course, keeping the distraction to a minimum) while on approach.

As I said, I can’t see it, but I can follow your idea. :slight_smile: Nevertheless I have to ask, in your garage you change place with other users? My car parks always in “my” garage, my wifes in “hers”… :slight_smile:

But I don’t want to speak against it, it’s just I (as in just me) can’t see it. :slight_smile: In my case the presence detection over WiFi (from the Shelly in the car) and the BT tag at the car key ring is enough to be precise enough for the car. All the other presence detection tools, like BT on the phone, my BT tag and so on work very well together, so for me it works. :slight_smile:

I was I guess a little to hopeful after smarthings app was released, back to waiting quietly…

it’s really about status at a glance and actionable notifications.

Yes, sometimes we switch places. (Weird. I know.)
The other thing is that sometimes my wife parks outside to unload garden things and she doesn’t want it to open just because her car is in the area. (We have a feral cat that lives in the garage to keep the vermin population down.)
So, for us, it’s just easier to open and close the doors by intention rather than automation.

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I see, I see. It’s interesting to see how people solve these things for themself. Always different, but in the end perfectly fitting. Loving it! :slight_smile:

As I said, it is really interesting to see, how people handle all these things differently. :smiley: And as I said, I didn’t want to oppose, just asking! :slight_smile:

Same here. I have a lot of space outside the garage, and I leave the car outside a lot of times. For example if I’m planning to leave again. So I would also love the feature :wink:

That’s the beauty of HA right there. It’s not a one-size-is-equally-uncomfortable-for-all, you’ll-learn-our-way-and-you’ll-like-it sort of thing. We have the common points where we can learn from each other’s experience and code and we have the divergent points where we can get it exactly the way that works for us.

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Can you tell me more about your setup? You have a Shelly in the car? And which BT tag are you using?

If you have Google voice assistant working you can already do this.

From Android Auto: settings / customise launcher / add a shortcut to the launcher / an assistant action.

I have set up an action to open the garage door.

The shortcut appears as an app on Android Auto apps page.

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Wow thanks for pointing this out it will help a lot. Also kinda pissed Google went down time to support adding games and we still can’t have home-assistant do what they already allow Samsung to do…

Thanks, I ended up getting an August module for my Yale lock, it works perfectly by just walking and waiting a couple seconds in front of the door so now I don’t even need to do anything from the car but this is a great tip nonetheless.

Exactly, wish it too

I would need that a shortcut in android auto that triggers a switch. But in Settings I don’t have any Customizer launcher option???

On your phone, open Android Auto and the customise option should in the settings menu.