Add support for Hubspace by Afero

Thank you… I was able to add both the plug and lock via friendly names as light entities, the lock is toggle-able but seems to be getting stuck due to the ice around my door, so I’ll have to test further.

I did simplify the names as suggested, I’m now using Front_Door_Lock and Lock_Extension both of these pop up now once adding the friendlynames to the config.

only issue I’ve noticed is that I don’t have an entity to check the locks battery level, since it’s set as a light I thought this was possible, would I need to manually configure that or is this due to me having an unknown model?

If I can’'t check the battery I might as well set it up as a lock instead of a light.

Is it possible to get failed to lock messages from the api and display them in my dashboard using the logbook card or something similar?

Also regarding the friendlynames required for locks being mentioned in the docs, for the life of me I can’t seem to find that section, I must of missed it during my read through?

thanks again for the help I truly appreciate it, had a feeling it may of been picky syntax.

If you look in the light.front_door_lock it should have an attribute called “battery-level”. Click the lock entity, then expand the attributes dropdown. It should also show in the developer tool section. There are ways to display an attribute or check them in an automation.

The words about the plug was added based on your feedback, but the note on the lock was there.

Hubspace/Defiant WiFi Deadbolt support: On=Lock, Off=Unlocked . Auto discover does not yet work for the luck nor the plug it comes with, so friendlynames are required. Recommend using a template entity to show up as a lock to Home Assistant, see below. I plan to make a local Bluetooth integration for the lock, but making slow progress.

I have no idea about failed lock messages. I don’t think it is possible. This entity only polls the cloud every 30 seconds. If you lock/unlock in between those updates, home assistant will not know anything about it. The Hubspace App will notify you on every lock/unlock if you wish. Again, the hubspace integration only provides basic support.

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I was able to utilize the the “battery-level” attribute via an entity card. Thanks

Another question is it possible now to read that attribute when configuring it as a lock? I recall somewhere in the docs mentioning that was the only con.

makes sense regarding the notifications, least I’m only stuck with two cloud integrations atm so setting up the app to ping me is no big deal. that check every 30 seconds explains why there’s a slight delay between getting a state update.

Thank you for adding that information to the docs, also side note would sure be neat to see bluetooth support for the deadbolts, but I can imagine that’s been a complicated project.

Thanks again for the help, truly appreciated.

I do not think so. Look at the home assistant template documentation If you figure out how to do it, please post instructions. Again, if you make a lock template for UI purposes, the light entity with battery is still available.

Hello all, and thank you for having a read ahead of time.

Home Depot has indeed gone all in on Hubspace. I have one of the latest and greatest switches right here.


Unfortunately from what I can tell it is not showing up in HA. My configuration.yaml looks like this.


  • platform: hubspace
    username: email
    password: password
    debug: true

And for the life of me this thing has not shown up. I have the output of if you would like it. It does show up there. It is the only device I have registered on Hubspace.

If it is a simple on/off switch, it should work if you pass in the friendlyname. Yes, please provide the output as an issue in github. Only specifying the friendlyname in the configuration supported, the autoscan only works sometimes.

I got it. It works well with these switches.

Hello im pretty confident i did it correctly. Im not getting my devices to show up but i dont think they are one of the more common devices its a screw in bulb socket. i was curious about adding support to this. By the way this worked with HomeBridge. Im not sure what code is used for that .

here is the homebridge plugin if this helps at all as a reference

Simple on-off only devices should work if you followed the directions and expressly listed the friendlyname in the configuration file. Since that didn’t work, the only option is to run the file and post the output as a github issue. I need that log to figure out why this device acts differently.

Yup you are correct i apologize, i think all i needed to do was restart or for whatever other reason it wasnt showing but now it is. Appreciate the help

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I am trying to get my RGB Flat panel lights to show more details than on and off. I don’t see the model number displayed under the attributes.
I see the color information under the debuginfo but doesn’t allow me to change color thru the toggle or brightness. Also just says onoff in node red under any off the attributes.

Thanks guys!

Please follow the instructions on the github to request support for a new model. Some devices do not provide a model number, making it tricky.

This would be awesome

I am not with the device to get that info now as I am out of town. But I can send you this I got from the entity. Does this help at all.


  • functionClass: restore-values
    value: partial-restore
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174561053
  • functionClass: color-mode
    value: color
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174561017
  • functionClass: speed
    functionInstance: color-sequence
    value: 0
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174561039
  • functionClass: color-temperature
    value: 4500
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174560995
  • functionClass: color-sequence
    functionInstance: custom
    value: rainbow
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174561069
  • functionClass: color-sequence
    functionInstance: preset
    value: custom
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174561032
  • functionClass: power
    value: ‘on’
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174560973
  • functionClass: color-rgb
    r: 255
    b: 0
    g: 0
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174561004
  • functionClass: brightness
    value: 100
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174560985
  • functionClass: wifi-ssid
    value: This Creative Home
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174563771
  • functionClass: wifi-rssi
    value: -53
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174563837
  • functionClass: wifi-steady-state
    value: connected
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174540051
  • functionClass: wifi-setup-state
    value: connected
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174540096
  • functionClass: wifi-mac-address
    value: b8d61a91a768
    lastUpdateTime: 0
  • functionClass: geo-coordinates
    functionInstance: system-device-location
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174564012
  • functionClass: scheduler-flags
    value: 0
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174561835
  • functionClass: available
    value: true
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174554208
  • functionClass: visible
    value: true
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174554208
  • functionClass: direct
    value: true
    lastUpdateTime: 1710174554208
  • functionClass: ble-mac-address
    lastUpdateTime: 0

Unfortunately, that is not enough. Post your TestHubspace output on a github issue when you can.

@jaaem - I’ve recently run into an issue with my Hubspace app and been exchanging emails with Hubspace support. They are making a bugfix to their Android app due to a bug i.e. their current scheduler UI doesn’t handle fans without lights, they’ve assumed that all fans come with lights.
Their tech support has been awesome and I was wondering if you needed anything from Afero to improve the HomeAssistant integration?
Given how Chamberlain shutdown their myQ APIs, one part of me is nervous sharing any Opensource development underway using “Corporate APIs”, while the other part of me is hopeful that they see a way to differentiate HomeDepot / Afero from other manufacturers and embrace HomeAssistant / 3rd party platforms.

Therefore I wanted to check if we wanna roll the dice reaching out to them about this integration.

I reached out to Afero for a public API before I made the integration. They did respond it would be nice, but no plans to do so. They were not keen on me figuring it out myself! I would try to stay under the radar.

The API is pretty simple, trouble is I am not an experienced coder.

If you figured out the closed API and got the integration working I’d say your experience/skill is good enough.

Are you still looking at making the module async and switching to cloud push?