Add support for Hubspace by Afero

Did you get the Landscape Transformer to work with the Hubspace integration? I have the same one.

I gave up on both. Will have to be left for someone to do a PR

From the readme: Landscape Transformer (HB-200-1215WIFIB) works with on/off on all 3 outputs. System-wide Watts and voltage available as attribute in first output entity Hopefully it still works since support added years go.

Hi @jaaem – Thanks for all the hard work on integration! I’m not sure how to PM you on here but wanted to pass along the debug info in hopes of adding a new model – CF2003, the fan/light at

What’s the best way to get this info to you, or I can post here and remove geolocation… would that work?

You can PM it to me on this forum. However, it is better to run the file in the repo and make an issue/attach the output. There are instructions in the readme, the output is automatically anonymized. Fans are very hard to support, as I cannot test, and the API is tricky

here’s the output: [ { "children": [ "0246493f-999f-4109-b885-d0ccaf6923 -

Move discussion here. Please attach that file to the issue. It is anonymous

the changes you made worked beautifully, thank you! doesn’t look like breeze mode or reverse direction are supported, but those aren’t nearly as important. thanks again for your work.

Good. That was not too hard, since it returned a model number. You need to use the service to send custom commands for breeze-mode and the like. I do not know how to add that into the integration. If anyone can figure it out, please do a PR.

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I see that Husky water timers have recently been become supported in v2.01 (thanks @darrenblanchard), but I can’t figure out how to make them visible in HA and I don’t see the documentation being updated around this.

I’ve tried the following w/o success:

  • auto recognize

[edit]: I was able to resolve this through friendlynames & adding them as lights

I searched for N383B-MBK (60" fan from Tagrr) and N383C-MBK (72" fan from Tager) and got no results so I’d like to submit a request to support these 2 fans, if possible somewhere down the road.

The readme on github explains the process to request support for a new device. It requires someone who owns the device to provide logs.