Add support for Levoit Classic 300S Smart Ultrasonic Top-Fill Cool Mist Humidifier in the VeSync integration

It’s not supported by this integration, unfortunately.
Right now I have lack of time for adding new devices.
If you have time to check it’s work with pyvesync to be sure, you can add it by yourself by modifying and files.

Or you can wait for war in Ukraine to end - I will do it.

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Any way i can enable debug so i can search through the logs ?

You cannot do it via Home Assistant. If it’s not supported by integration, you won’t see any logs.

To check working with pyvesync, please refer to pyvesync library Git README.

There is a PR running that will hopefully mean that the HA integration will support any device defined in the pyvesync library. Title of the PR is a little misleading…

Doesn’t quite do it yet and there are a few other wrinkles to fix.

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Hopefully. VeSync integration is way outdated.

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I have created a new topic for a test repo I have created. VeSync development particularly for Levoit Humdifiers


I’ll bring my own contribution to the subject. I made a HACS installable version of @baz123’s repo. I also started a bit of refactoring and cleaning up. Don’t hesitate to try it out and report problems. I only own the Dual 200S humidifier, so I can’t really do much on my own for other devices.

NB: This has the same domain as the core integration for vesync on purpose to override it. Don’t install it if you rely on core capabilities that aren’t present in the custom one. Open an issue, I’ll try to add it.


There shouldn’t be anything in this that isn’t in core as it started from core.

Again, learn something new - you can override the core component :slight_smile:.

yes, just expose the same domain and custom component takes precedence.

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@formatBCE for the past few days, my humidifiers are becoming unavailable every few hours. I am able to get them back only by manually reinstalling the integration and restarting HA. That works for a few hours, and then repeat… Are you seeing this elsewhere? Any ideas?

Nope, stable for me…
Any logs in HA?

I am new to the home assistant, so my question is quite a newbie.

How do I update the config_flow file? Just replace ‘CONF_USERNAME’ and ‘CONF_PASSWORD’ with the actual info throughout the text’?

The config flow is the popup that opens up when you do Add IntegrationVeSync. It will show the following dialog box

You’re not supposed to update it inside the code.

Hi, is this custom integration safe to run alongside the official one, or should I uninstall that first, before installing this one?

This custom integration is supposed to override the official one. But to be on the safe side, I would do it in this order:

  1. Uninstall official integration
  2. Restart HA to cleanup entities
  3. Install the custom one through HACS
  4. Restart HA to make it available
  5. Configure through the Integration UI.
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That worked perfectly, thanks.

Works like a charm!

Anyone else having issues lately with the custom integration + the 300S? I think the API is acting up or something, it used to respond right away. Now it either doesn’t at all, or does after a LONG delay.

2022-09-30 13:54:12.341 DEBUG (SyncWorker_7) [pyvesync.helpers] [post] calling '/cloud/v2/deviceManaged/bypassV2' api
2022-09-30 13:54:14.084 DEBUG (SyncWorker_11) [pyvesync.helpers] HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=5)
2022-09-30 13:54:14.084 DEBUG (SyncWorker_11) [pyvesync.vesyncfan] Error getting status of Humidifier

It does seem reachable, maybe something changed on their end:

/config # host is an alias for has address has address has address has address
/config # ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from seq=0 ttl=229 time=15.241 ms
64 bytes from seq=1 ttl=229 time=14.738 ms

Just checked my devices - everything is working…

Do you have a 300S humidifier?