Add support for named speed lists in the fan integration

A better description of the request would be:

“do not remove named speed list for the fan integration” since the support for the speed list is still implemented and just hasn’t been fully deprecated yet.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’re listening. Saw they are removing legacy speeds in this release :frowning:

I’m sure this will mess up quite a few templates and lead to some unhappy users.

yup, i didn’t think it would go anywhere.

69 votes is a lot for a forum FR. At least I know I’m not the only one who isn’t happy about it.

I spent hours trying to get my sonoff fan03 working after an update, I didn’t see this FR until now. Lately updates have been making me scared, changes like fan speeds being removed and “snapshots” being changed to “backups.” These are trivial changes that cause significant breaks. Thanks for your work finity, at least I have your HACS fan button addon working. I wish the Homeassistant devs would put more value on users who do not want to spend hours fixing things that are broken by updates every month or two. Instead of putting in more fan speeds with new names they could have just used the old names and added to them as such: Low - Low 2 - Medium - Medium 2 - High - High 2.

In all fairness, those fan speed names would be extremely confusing and not very descriptive. With all the different speed possibilities, I don’t think they really had much of a choice other than to use percentages.

It wouldn’t be confusing if you were the one who came up with the names of the speeds. they obviously made sense to you since you named them.

the point is that there are a significant number of existing fans that still use the named speeds and have worked fine for years. now they don’t.

And before the inevitable “but they had to change it because of the other fans” response the existing fan control paradigm (named speeds) has worked along side the updated fan control (percentages) for several releases now quite happily. now it doesn’t.

So they could have left the legacy controls in place for the users who still wanted to use them and added the new stuff for the users who needed the updated controls. but they didn’t.

In all fairness to new and existing fan users they could have kept both.

EDIT to add:

I just scrolled thru the last month of the recent FR section and this has the second-ish highest number of votes in those FR’s and mostly by a huge margin. the highest was around 90. this has 75. there are two others that are tied at 75. everything else is less than half and most are significantly less.

So it’s not like it’s a fringe request.


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100% agree… IVe been fighting my fans since this mess started…

Before that they worked great, so tired of trying to figure it out. pretty much gave up.

Im willing to bet that more of us had breaking changes than those that needed the new speed controls…


They started this back in March right?
I’m still confused by it, I changed my setup at the time and adjusted to using a slider to set speed but also kept using Alexa. Now it seems Alexa has no idea how to set speed. I haven’t messed with it much though.

Also confusing, my wall mounted dashboard has a grid card view, one of the cards is the fan entity. One of the attribute drop down options is still speed. It literally displays off, low, medium and high depending on where I set the slider. It’s just the straight fan entity as a button…

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I wish I could help you out. But I don’t know how things are supposed to be right now either.

You’re right that it’s still confusing and what’s worst is that there was a less confusing solution the devs (some?) refused to even consider.

I’m also unable to control fan speeds with Alexa now. Seems like fan support is in a bad state right now.

Say the percentages and it will work. You can make preset modes work as well but it requires a bit of templating.

Thanks. I’ll try to figure out the templating stuff.

Seems like a step backwards. It used to work fine. I’d like to see it working again without templates.

I don’t believe this will ever happen unless the platform you’re using makes the switch to preset_modes.

Understood. I’ll look into what it would take to update the ISY platform.

Is there any templates examples you could point me to that I could run with in the short term? If not, I’ll figure it out when I have time.

I appreciate the help.

I’ll have to investigate, I haven’t done this myself. The biggest hitch will be getting alexa to understand the presets.

I’ll take a look at some of the existing fan implementations, find one that works and use that as a guide for updating the ISY platform. That might be easier in the long run.

Not sure when I’ll get to it. Hopefully someone else will beat me too it :slight_smile:

I seriously gave up on my fans. They ruined it with this nonsense.
Btw, I havent seen Anyone post something like. “wow my new 10 speed fan works great now”

yet, here we all are with issues.


The fans still work fine. It’s the voice controls that are awkward now.


Well because most but not all of my fan automations ( motion activated based on temperature for speed setings) is in nodered. And the integration for HA is alexxsonoff. It’s all different across the board in my setup. Some stuff speed names work. Others %. It got very confusing and complicated to sort out.