Add support for Odroid M1S

Please add support for Odroid M1S kernel.
Thank you

Adding product link and wiki

It uses the Rockchip RK3566 SoC

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Ouch, that $50 device looks like a HA Green killer -.-

Half price but double the flash size, anything else (beside coming not pre-installed with HA and not supporting nabu casa?)

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It also has a NVMe slot which I prefer over emmc



I will try if I can install Debian bookworm on it. If someone has some pointers for instructions or help, it would be great.
I will report the progress here.


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Hi, were you able to install it?

M1S would be a perfect HA board !
One of the main benefits is its outstanding 0.7W idle power consumption :+1:
Let’s then please support it :slight_smile:
Thank you very much :+1:

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Also Odroid sells a UPS kit for the M1S for $9 which looks like a perfect addition for a HA server!


And its 64GB built-in ( eMMC) disk, which is more than enough to start a HA instance :+1:
Many benefits !

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One thing which is better with HA Green is that it runs USB 2.0 only.
Whereas M1S has both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, the latter is known for RF noise against (at least) Zigbee.
HA Green still makes perfectly sense :+1:

And of course it supports HA Team :slight_smile:

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Don’t connect the Zigbee coordinator to the USB 3.0 port. Plug it into the USB 2.0 port (via an extension cable as is commonly recommended).

Use the $50 saved to buy a Nabu Casa subscription (or buy another subscription and don’t use it; that’s how some people “donate” money to them).

Would love to see a HAOS build for the M1S, great price point, small enough to be embedded and Hard Kernel are guaranteeing supply until 2036.

Would also love to see support for the M1S! Great powerful device with low power usage.

Support for the M1S would be highly appreciated! From my point of view the M1S ticks all the needed boxes for my Home Assistant installation.

Would love to see this as well! I already have one and would love to put HA OS on it

I’d like to use the m1s as well. Can help with testing if needed.

I have a test build for odroid m1s, if anyone would like to help test before I submit a PR to official repo. You will need to reinstall when official support comes along.

Images are under artifacts on this page:

Use the Hardkernel USB tool to install this image:

You can also install and boot from an SD card however you need to wipe the eMMC in this case, as Petitboot can’t boot the HAOS images directly.


Thanks very much for your work on this @darkxst.

I’ve installed as per your instructions, installed several add-ons as well as HACS and so far everything is working brilliantly.

I’ll post any updates as I contunue testing.

I also installed the image following your instructions.
The onboarding, adding addons, installation of HACS, etc went well.
@darkxst thanks for the initiative

Works fine for me too, thanks!