Add support for Smarther with Netatmo

Hello to all,
is it possible to add support for “Smarther with Netatmo” (“Smarther2 with Netatmo” for Italy) connected thermostat by BTicino in the Netatmo integration?

You can find the API here Netatmo Connect | Legrand API Documentation

Thank you!

This is in the making but I can’t give you an ETA. Keep an eye on the release notes in case I forget about this thread.

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Thanks a lot!

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+1 for this. HA has Netatmo support but not Legrand/BTicino who bought Netatmo and have a lot of smart product with a good dev portal. Looking forward for this

Hi, any news about this feature? Thanks a lot :raised_hands:

I’m still working on it. I still wont give an ETA but I have hopes to release this soonish. At least to a group of beta testers.

Thanks a lot for your work, i hope that you’ll release very soon.

If one of you is interested in taking part in the pre beta testing ping me on Discord. This involves installing a custom component (via HACS).

could you send me in private your discord, i’m interesting :wink:

That should not be a secret. :wink:


Hi @cgtobi any news about this feature? Thanks a lot.

It’s currently being reviewed. Please be patient or try the pre release beta.

Hi, do you have some good news about this feature? Please say me yes :grinning:

Hello, is there any news?
If possible I would be interested in testing the pre-beta release.

Thank you

I’m pretty confident that it will be part of the September release.

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Hi, any further news on Smarther 2 ?

The beta just came out today. In case you are not that adventurous it will be part of the 2022.10 release next week.

Great news!
Thank you

The integration is working perfectly.
There are some steps someone that needs to follow, so maybe a clearer step by step instruction would be great since the most important step was at the bottom of the doc. (however maybe it was just me).
The integration has everything it should, at least for my Smarther 2. There are a few cards around with each one having pros/cons but i think we will see more more in the future.

One point though that needs improvement, is the speed of communication.
When you set temperature in HA, it is reflected instantly to the Smarther 2.
When you set temperature in Smarther 2, it is reflected after a long time, unless i refresh the web page myself.

Overall, you made my winter guys…!!! :smile:

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Thanks for the feedback. We are in contact with Netatmo to improve the responsiveness of the Smarther 2 devices and will implement this as soon as it’s available. Until then we are restricted by their API polling limits.