Add Xiaomi Mi Scale to Xiaomi BLE

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if it is possible to add the Xiaomi Mi Scale to the Xiaomi BLE integration?
The scales do communicate via Bluetooth and there is a similar project already ( But I would love to see it natively in Home Assistant.
Do you guys have any thoughts on this?

Read: Important announcement about the future of BLE monitor

Yep, for the time being you can use BLE monitor. In the near future, we will convert BLE monitor to official integrations, including one for MiScales


I’ve voted for your feature request, you probably want to do that yourself as well :wink:

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And another vote!

Looking forward for this updated integration too

Great. Looking forward for the MiScale beeing converted to an official integration.
It is the last device on my BLE monitor list. Is it part of Xiaomi (part 3) integration?

Br, Martin.

No, it’s not. Xiaomi scales use their own format, which is different from the other xiaomi sensors. However, we may integrate it into Xiaomi BLE, but that is yet to decide.

Thank you for your answer, Ernst. I really appreciate your work. The Mi Scale is just “nice to have” in Home Assistant for me. I have no problem living without the integration.

Unfortunately, in the meantime I have had to move all my LYWSD03MMC devices back to the BLE monitor. It was far too unstable to use the built-in Xiaomi BLE. Do you know where can I report my experiences to help improve the integration?

Br, Martin.

I’d like to see a Lovelace graph that plots my weight when I stand on the scale. Right now if I use ApexCharts, or MiniGraph, the last value shows for the current time.

For example, if I last stepped on the scale 2 days ago, my graph reports that I am 130lbs for the 2 days I never stepped on the scale.

Does that make sense, am I explaining it right ?

What do you use for MiScale integration then?

I’d love to see it moved from ESPHome to HA Xiaomi BLE, the scale is the only thing left to move from ESPHome to HA for me (Or its own HA integration outside of Xiaomi BLE for that matter)


Shut up and take my vote!! image

I just look at the scale with my eyes. :grinning:

Whilst I have done that I think there is some mileage in having something like that logged / automated, even something along the lines of a weighbridge where every day it automagically takes and logs a reading. :wink:

For me HA provides the solution to ‘You can manage what you can measure’ and the easier it is to measure (and log / remember) the easier it is to manage. :wink:

I just recently added 3 x Inkbird BT temperature sensors to my fridge and freezers and I have since lowered the temperature in the fridge and may need to look into the small freezer as it’s not really cold enough (so might need defrosting etc).

Easy. There would be an automated padlock on the refrigerator that would only open if your weight is less than yesterday :slight_smile:

+1 have my vote!

I have added support for MiScale v1 and v2 in HA 2023.8 (Xiaomi BLE integration).

Note: State will be unavailable after a restart. This will be fixed in 2023.9.



Thank you so much Ernest on your work with this!
I currently use the ESP32 method of connecting to my V1 Scale, it provides a lot more sensors, such as muscle and bone mass. Is there anyway the Xiaomi BLE integration could also visualise these?

These additional sensors are just calculated, based on your height, age etc. You can use the bodymiscale custom component to calculate these additional values.