[ADDED in 2021.9] Support alternative Solar Forecast providers in Energy Dashboard

The Energy Dashboard introduced in 2021.8.0 does not support alternative providers of Solar Forecasts.

The Solar.Forecast integration uses data which does not cover Australia, New Zealand and several countries south of the equator. Support should be added to enable developers to integrate different solar forecast providers, for example SolCast for Oceania users.

Alternatively, a message should be included in the documentation or in the UI to reference this information. Currently if an Oceania user tries the integration there is no feedback as to why the PV Generation data is not displaying.

Link to integration documentation on our website

This would be an extremely useful addition I would love to see this added.

I think that this PR from @balloob does exactly that:

I’m not sure how hard it would be to add something like Solcast as a provider now?

Indeed it does, great to see this integrated. :+1: Hopefully an Aussie/NZ Dev is interested.

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Please vote here for Solcast support.


like this :slight_smile: still tinkering a little with them


I’m confused, what is the difference between these two integrations? As they both seem to be doing the same thing based on the readme?

One is for anyone that has not setup a rooftop system and just uses their lat and long to get the data

And one is for when you have customised a rooftop setup and have a resource id

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Hi @oziee

I want to install two Solcast Integrations for two separate sites. It seems possibly to add another Solcast integration with a new API key but what I noticed in the second site integration only returns one sensor and always reads 0.
I then went back to the first site integration and renamed every sensor with the fist sites descriptive (name) so that the second site Integration might not conflict with the first site names.
Still only getting the one sensor on the second site integration.

Is it actually possible to have two sites integrations in your Solcast and if so what have I missed in setting up the second site? Please see some screen shots below:


FIRST SITE (Working):


Just create one integration and then in the api config comma seperate the two api keys with now spaces

or in the solcast site you can create two rooftop sites inside the one account

Anyone have any idea how to damp result for Solcast forecast to allow for shade? I have a tree that shades my panels in the late afternoon so my afternoon forecasts are always too optimistic.

in the Solcast toolkit website change your Efficiency factor for the rooftop to something lower

Is there a way to tweak the forecast for morning/evening in particular? The curve for my panels is generally steeper than the Solcast forecast allows. Maybe it’s possible in NodeRed?

If you fork the repo you could alter the values testing for below/above a specific time

Else make sure all the setting you have in the Solcast site for the array are correct with efficiency and tilt etc