Adding a card for a climate group to the UI

recently I bought some radiator thermostats of which two are in the same room. added a group for the two thermostats like advised here.
Here is a code snippet from the groups.yaml (sorry, it’s partly in german):

  name: Thermostats
    - climate.thermostat_wohnzimmer_links_thermostat
    - climate.thermostat_wohnzimmer_rechts_thermostat

Now I would like to add a card for this group to my UI. I was able to add an “Entities Card” but not a “Thermostat Card” like for individual thermostats. I think this is because the entity is a group.thermostats rather than a climate.thermostats.
Is there any way to add thermostat groups as climate entities?


There is no climate group currently, so what you want is not possible. Your only option is to use generic thermostat to create your grouped thermostats and display that in the front end.

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I had the same problem, here is the solution

GitHub - daenny/climate_group: Home Assistant Climate Group

Install it via HACS

Thanks for your replies! So there is no official solution yet. But the custom repo that @isibizi recommended, worked. Thanks a lot!

Cheers, Jeroen