Climate group


I’m trying to group 2 thermostats (they’re in the same room). I already have a light group which works fine but when I try creating the climate group HA shows an error:

"Configuration invalidCHECK CONFIGURATION

Platform error - No module named ‘’".

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong here?

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As it says in the error, you are attempting to configure a platform tat does not exist. There is no climate group platform.

Use the group integration instead:

In addition to Tom’s answer, try this:

    name: Thermostats
      - climate.left_thermostat_mts100v3
      - climate.right_thermostat_mts100v3
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With all due respect, this page doesn’t help, cause I am trying to do the same thing.

Use the group integration instead, so as a noob I go to configure and integrations, well there isn’t a group one there. The only instruction is an example of yaml code.

thanks tobi-bo, pasting in that code gives me the error:

duplicated mapping key at line 43, column -180:

Then you have already a section group in your configuration. It is not allowed to have the same key twice in yaml files.

Try to add the thermostat directive from the code in groups.yaml file, which is in the same directory as configuration.yaml, so just this part:

  name: Thermostats
    - climate.left_thermostat_mts100v3
    - climate.right_thermostat_mts100v3

Is it possibly a doubleup, you have 2x group: lines, one to include groups.yaml, then another to define the entries?

@tobi-bo solved the problem, I restarted HA and the group is now showing. Thanks a million @tobi-bo have a nice weekend (from Hannover!)

Look at the top of your config:

group: !include groups.yaml

Put your group in the groups.yaml file.

Yep you cant set up groups using the UI yet.

Your welcome and greetings back from Hamburg :wink:

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I want to create a group of climate entities (thermostats) and to be able to count the thermostat on / off states to make it visible within a mushroom chips template card. I tried the solution here GitHub - daenny/climate_group: Home Assistant Climate Group. But it only shows on but does not give any number of on entities within the group.

Any hints on that?

Found it in this moment with your solution above. Thank you.

I was wondering if it’s possible to create a group of thermostats (climate) from the Helpers page

If so, after choosing Group, what kind of helper to pick ?..


Im currently stuck on this too, there’s no climate group under helpers

I did it manually for my 3 AC units.

In groups.yaml

  name: Thermostats
    - climate.master_bedroom
    - climate.kid1_bedroom
    - climate.kid2_bedroom

Then in a card

- type: entity
  entity: group.thermostats
  state_color: true


I can tap that tile and see the details for each of the 3 units.

This would be a very cool option!

take a look at climate_group

it hasnt had any activity in years and there are pull requests still waiting to add external temp sensor.
it would be better if this was absorbed into the main build of home assistant but it would still need someone to maintain it

problem with the built in group is that it creates a “group” which isnt of type “climate” which is required for thermostat cards


Hi, @magiva,
I found the possibility with climate_group some days ago. I have a question and I hope you to be able - and so friendly - to help me:

So far, I only managed to build one group, but I woul like to build a second one. Perhaps, the question or rather the answer is too simple, but I am not yet an expert on Home Assistant…

I have tried several times but did not succeed. Could you please give me a hint to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!