Adding add-ons (Supervisor) under container installation


I am planning to re-install my H.A. form HassOS to the container distribution.

The challenge is that I just got to know thta the “supervisor” tab will not be there… question:

How simple is would be to add and configure add-ons (such as Zigbee2mqtt, samba share, NGINX SSL proxy, Motion Eye etc.)

As far as I am concern, to add these components, I would need to add different containers… I am not an expert in containers, therefore this scares me a bit… anybody had done it? how simple it is to install them, and how simple is it to configure them???

80% of my devices work with zigbee2mqtt… I would be lost whiteout that add on :slight_smile:

Thank you all

I plan to do the same thing. You can always install some of the supervisor addons as bare metal, like deconz, influx, grafana etc. Install them to your linux installation as they are installed directly on linux like sudo apt install etc. If you want to install them as docker containers; install their respective docker containers as if they are independent from home assistant; as mainly explained in the related app install pages.

When it comes to home assistant specific supervisor add on docker containers; well i am stuck there too. Check out