Adding Additional Nest Cams - Not showing up

Hi Everyone,

I searched the forums and couldn’t find this exact issue.

I have 3 Nest cams currently installed working great - 1 Nest Hello Doorbell, 2 Nest Hub Max with Cameras.

I have 4 more Outdoor Nest Cams to add to Home Assistant. I’ve installed 2 so far but they are not showing up in the Nest Integration. I was hoping they would be auto-discovered.

I have tried restarting the integration, restarting Home Assistant, etc. to no avail. Also went through the detailed setup from start to finish but couldn’t find any place to bring in new devices.

How can I get this working?

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Had no choice but to uninstall the integration and re-add. Works perfectly once this is done.

Did you need to redo the entire process or just remove and readd the integration?

Just remove and re-add the integration.

Yes, this is right. Home assistant can’t get access to the new devices unless you re-authorize home assistant. The simplest way is to just delete and re-add and everything will be back in place.

We could add an option to reauthorize in the future which may seem less scary, and be easier to use, but its really the same thing.


So I have a Nest Outdoor Camera, Nest Thermostat (both show up), and I just purchased and installed the Nest Wired Doorbell 2nd Generation. I removed the Nest integration and added it again but only the Camera and Thermostat show up. Is there something I need to do so that the Doorbell shows up, or is it so new it isn’t detecting it yet… I also went to the and I only see my Camera and Thermostat.


I am having this same problem. I have six cameras which includes the battery 2nd doorbell all working. But the new wired 2nd gen doorbell will not show up. I’ve deleted everything and re-setup the integration but can not get it to show.

@tacogy3 and @redkiwi my impression from Supported Devices  |  Device Access  |  Google Developers is these are not yet supported devices. When they start showing up as available in the partner connections manager and supported by the API, I’m happy to ensure they’ll work in home assistant.


Is this something we will have to re-auth to have show up? Or will it just pop into existence within Home assistant once the access is added?

You don’t need to re-auth, You just go to the site and give access to your existing session, then reload the integration or restart home assistant.

Sweet thanks! how do I give access to the existing session? In the past I have deleted the integration and then redid it to add my new cameras

Check out the nest integration docs and see the first link in troubleshooting. (On mobile, so don’t have it handy)

Thanks, I will take a look.