Adding support for Wemo Dimming Wall Switch

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I was wondering if anyone could help develop or add to the existing Wemo component, the new dimming Belkin Wemo wall switch?

Currently when I add the IP for this new switch, it makes the entire wemo component fail.

If anyone could help see if this would be a possibility that would be awesome!

Also, if anyone could help see if development into allowing Home Assistant to take advantage of the wemo switch “long press” functionality that would be so much appreciated! (This kind of stuff is a bit above my head…) :wink:

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I’d also like to ask, would anyone have any advice as for a work around, until development could be completed for this new switch?

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I would also like this feature to be added. +1 from me. Thanks!


This seem to be the best / only dimming switch that we can use in 240v locations that has more functionality than just on / off.

We would first need to add the support for the Dimmer type in the pywemo library.

Does this help at all? I found this on github a little while back. :slight_smile:


Anyone else used these dimmers in the wild yet… are they any good

I like them. It was a good fit look/feel/ and of course remote use. When I saw that Hass supports Wemo devices, I bought 3 more anticipating they’d be supported. Now I check every 2 weeks looking for that update!
I recommend them.

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I have a couple. They look great and work well as well. Whilst they say they are 110V only, they work perfectly on 240VAC too.

Half a point down for having different corner radius on the facia. So if you were to put them next to the standard Wemo, you’ll notice more round corners.

Just waiting for hass integration.

I have 1 dimmer, set it up in my office. Works GREAT. even with the wemo app (which is good because nothing else seems to be able to control it yet) Hass integration should nail this down as a really great product!


Looks like they got it going here

Hoping to see it soon on Hass-io.
Can’t wait!

Just to keep everyone updated: I am currently working on getting the dimmer added into my test environment for HASS, but sadly lost my old test environment due to HDD failure, and haven’t had time to rebuild it till tonight. I can’t remember when the last time was that I updated my GitHub fork of HASS, but that will be my starting point again for this.

Before the HDD failure, I had basic on / off control of the light, but when I started trying to add the brightness controls, it would only go from 0% (off) to 40%, with no in-between. If you want to follow my progress, here is a link to my GitHub:

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Looks like it is done! Anyone wanna take a stab at adding HA support?

Ive been taking a stab at it, just running into an issue now with subscriptions. Feel free to fork my code and work on it.

Right now, my current code has everything working except updating HASS core when the brightness is changed from something other than HASS, such as the dimmer switch directly, or the wemo app.

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If anyone can help me out, this is what I get in the console for HASS when changing the brightness elsewhere:

INFO:pywemo.subscribe:Received event from <WeMo Dimmer “Living Room”>( - Brightness 36
INFO:homeassistant.components.light.wemo:Subscription update for <WeMo Dimmer “Living Room”>

HASS does nothing with this, I think due to not knowing where to apply this change. If I turn the switch completely off with the app or the switch directly, this is what I get in the console:

INFO:pywemo.subscribe:Received event from <WeMo Dimmer “Living Room”>( - BinaryState 1
INFO:homeassistant.components.light.wemo:Subscription update for <WeMo Dimmer “Living Room”>
INFO:homeassistant.core:Bus:Handling <Event state_changed[L]: new_state=<state light.living_room=on; supported_features=115, max_mireds=500, min_mireds=154, friendly_name=Living Room @ 2017-11-06T10:13:42.289682-07:00>, entity_id=light.living_room, old_state=<state light.living_room=off; supported_features=115, friendly_name=Living Room @ 2017-11-06T10:13:37.286712-07:00>>
INFO:homeassistant.core:Bus:Handling <Event state_changed[L]: new_state=<state group.all_lights=on; hidden=True, order=1, auto=True, friendly_name=all lights, entity_id=(‘light.living_room’,), assumed_state=False @ 2017-11-06T10:13:42.290409-07:00>, entity_id=group.all_lights, old_state=<state group.all_lights=off; hidden=True, order=1, auto=True, friendly_name=all lights, entity_id=(‘light.living_room’,), assumed_state=False @ 2017-11-06T10:13:37.290255-07:00>>

So HASS knows what to do when it sees the binary state change, but not the brightness.

Bump. The subscription events are the last thing I need to get working!

Hi, just wondering if the Wemo dimmer is now working in HASS? Any news if it has been integrated?

Thanks all!

It is working, you will just have to update a couple files in your HASS installation from my fork on GitHub. I currently am working on a pull request to get it added to HASS without modification

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That is great news thanks @angel12 appreciated! Looking forward to pull request. Any issues or gotchas with it today? Try to buy a bunch now while they are on sale. :wink:

These were discontinued in Aus. Devostating