Adding Tasmota powerpoint to HA - Option 19 - and handling multiple relays on a device?

I have a MG-AUWF01 device that I’ve flashed with the latest Tasmota (10.1.0).

This is what I did to add the Tasmosta integration into HA:

  1. I attempted to add the Tasmosta Integration in Home Assistant - this gave me a rather generic config flow could not be loaded message. Reading here and here, it seems I need to add MQTT first before adding Tasmota - I think the error message could be more descriptive =). (Filed issue)
  2. I then went into Configuration, Add-ons, and added the in-built Mosquito broker.
  3. I then went back into Configuration, Integration, and added the MQTT integration, which auto-discovered my Mosquito broker.
  4. Finally, I was able to add the Tasmota integration now.

I then following the Home Assistant Tasmota guide to configure the Tasmota device. Specifically:

  1. Configuration, Configure Other, and set the Friendly Name 1. (The docs are a little unclear what the difference is between Device Name, Friendly Name 1, and Friendly Name 2. Does anybody know?)
  2. Configuration, Configure MQTT - I set the hostname, left port at the default (1883), and set the username and password to a Home Assistant user. I left everything else at default.
  3. Console - this is where the Home Asssistant docs are a bit confusing - it says

Tasmota devices configured for native discovery (SetOption19 0)

However, reading the Tasmota Commands documentation, it says Option 19 = 0 means Tasmota Integration, and Option 19 = 1 means MQTT Discovery. For me, I found Option 19 = 0 didn’t do anything - as in, no devices got picked up. Is that normal, or is something wrong?

When I did Option 19 = 1, I did see the device get picked up under MQTT:


And if I click through to the device:

First issue - how would I go about getting the “native” Tasmosta HA integration (i.e. Option19 = 0) working?

The second issue is this is a two-gang power point - if you look at the screenshot under Controls, only the first power point has a name assigned. Is there some way to get Home Assistant to automatically assign a name to the second power point as well?