Adding wifi to HAOS img

I have a spare headless Rpi3b+ and I would like to have a look to HAOS. (I am using Env core on another Rpi).
I don’t have a network cable so I decide to edit the file /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

mount -o loop,rw,sync,offset=59768832 /Dati/HA/haos_rpi3-64-10.5.img /tmp/haos

but with a mount I have:
/Dati/HA/haos_rpi3-64-10.5.img on /tmp/haos type squashfs (ro,relatime,sync,errors=continue)

It’s still in read only mode since it is a SquashFS filesystem.

Can I add wifi to HAOS, before starting the configuration ?


That’s a lot of effort just to avoid plugging in a network cable :wink: Running HAOS (or any OS) is not really considered best practice. The fact that Wi-Fi support is not included is a strong hint.

I have only ONE network cable for the ONLY ONE TRUE MAJESTIC HA running! :laughing:
This is is only a test HAOS.

There ia a much easier way.
Check out (Home Assistant Wifi (RPi 3/4) - #2 by maddog7701

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