Adding Zigbee2MQTT after MercedesMe connection to OpenWB wallbox

I configured the MercedesMe component which pushes State of charge information to my OpenWB wallbox via MQTT. This requires (if a am correct) the connection of MQTT to the MQTT server on the OpenWB wallbox.

Now i want to add Zigbee2MQTT to this installation, but it is not working. The Zigbee devices are found, but then do not appear in the HA devices list.
My guess is this has something to do with the MQTT connection to the OpenWB wallbox.
How can i configure MQTT and/or Mosquitto so that both (Mercedes Me and Zigbee devices via Zigbee2MQTT) is possible?

Do you see your Zigbee devices in mqtt explorer ?

Sorry, but i am really a beginner. I found MQTT explorer and started it on my windows PC, but do not know how to use it.
I can connect to the HomeAssistant and can see this:

Seems the Zigbee devices are present. How did you install Zigbee2MQTT ? is the OpenWB wallbox ?

No, that is the Home Assistant machine.
I can connect to too and it looks pretty similar:

You can only have 1 mqtt broker in HA. If your OpenWB wallbox is connected now to HA, I suggest you connect Zigbee2MQTT to your OpenWB wallbox.

What do you mean by “your OpenWB wallbox is connected to HA”?
I entered the IP-Adress of the wallbox to the MQTT integration in Home Assisstant.
I can’t do anything on my OpenWB wallbox as I do not have admin access to it.
Can i do something on the HA to get this fixed?

So yes

So, in Zigbee2MQTT, enter the IP-address and the user/password from your OpenWB Wallbox as mqtt server, and you should see your Zigbee devices in HA.

Do you mean like this?

Correction: Instead of “” i added “”

Is there any other solution to avoid pushing data to the wallbox?

in mqtt :

server: mqtt://
user : your openwb user
password: your openwb password

yes there is, but that is the easiest solution

Other solution is to reconfigure the mqtt integration to use, and to setup an mqtt bridge to, but that is really complicated with the mosquitto add-on.

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Thank you so much for your help. By using the openWB as MQTT server everything is working now.
I will think about reconfigure the Mosquitto as bridge, but for now everything is working fine.

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