Additional controls for MyPlace HVAC Controller via Advantage Air Integration

Im interested to see if the following features can be added to the Advantage Air Integration. These are currently available through the My Place app.

Select Temperature Control Method - options are myzone, mytemp of my auto.

Select myauto temp range.

Add new option to HVAC Operation. Option is ‘my auto’ and only availbel if control method of myauto has been set.

The values for the myauto setting are currently exposed/available in HA.

 "myAutoCoolTargetTemp": 23,
      "myAutoHeatTargetTemp": 19,
      "myAutoModeCurrentSetMode": "heat",
      "myAutoModeEnabled": true,
      "myAutoModeIsRunning": false,

Tagging brett as code owner for this :slight_smile:

Yes, should be easy enough, but hard part is knowing which systems support these options. Can you please run the integration debug and send me it’s output so I can see what type of system you have exactly.

I’ll just be adding a select entity for this, similar to how MyZone is changed now.