Test the new changes coming to Advantage Air using HACS

A significant number of changes are coming to the Advantage Air integration, including a number platform, update platform, lights platform, and support for MyTemp and MyAuto in Climate.

I dont have a MyPlace system, or even a MyAir system to test most of these features (I have e-zone), so I need your help to make sure these new features work as expected. This is our chance to test and fix before things get merged into core. We do have to be quick though, I already have the PRs raised.

So, if you have HACS, add this custom repository, and install “Advantage Air Test”. It should as a completely seperate integration to the main Advantage Air integration.

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Thanks @Brett_Adams - just installed will test over the weekend.

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@Brett_Adams - is it possible to have test and the main release both running as integrations? ive downloaded test version via hacs, restarted but cant setup via UI in integrations page.

@UrZdcw9 Yes, the HACS version is called “Advantage Air Test”, so you should be able to run them both. I am running them both, so if your having issues doing that sent me any logs or errors.

@Brett_Adams - so i have installed custom repo via hacs. restarted.

under settings → integrations; i click add integration and can see the standard list.

if i search for advantage, it only returns to main release. i feel like im missing something super obvious.


After you add the custom repo, you have to install the integration in HACS before restarting.

Your screenshot seems to suggest you have done this but I want to confirm that. Otherwise, check your logs, maybe it failed to start.

okies, so ive deleted and reinstalled everything. test integration now showing in UI :slight_smile:

ive done some quick testing, new features control those settings in the myplace app.

my auto engaged :slight_smile:
can set hi/low temps :slight_smile:
my temp engaged :slight_smile:
my_zone engaged :slight_smile:

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Hey @Brett_Adams

Can I do anything else to support with testing?


If the test integration works with everything you have exactly as expected, no. I do still need to add fab support, so I guess let me know if you have fans in MyPlace and I’ll add that for you.

Otherwise it’s a waiting game for my PRs to get reviewed and approved. Pull requests · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Hi Brett,

Thank you for setting this up on HACS!

I just installed the test version on my HA instance as well. I am only using aircon from Advantage Air (i.e. I am not using lights or garage door openers).

In our situation we do have two separate aircon systems connected to a single controller, and it appears that it uses a combined zone list for both systems. As a side effect, one of the systems shows the wrong MyZone. I am guessing it uses the index from the system specific list and looks it up in the combined list.

I am not sure what kind of information would help to debug this. Happy to help in any way I can.

I can provide a json dump of a pymyair update() output that shows both systems. Not sure what a good way to get it to you would be.

Thanks and Cheers!


If you can send me the diagnostics from the integration, or your direct JSON, I’ll figure out why this is. The two different ACs should have two different unique IDs so they shouldn’t overlap each other.

([email protected])

oh yeab buddy!
Im using E-zone so does this support it still?

Yes, except there is very little changed for e-zone, no new feature, unless you also have MyPlace or MyLights or something.

yeah i just check, nothing new for me, but good stuff man!