Additional supported device types Tahoma plafform

Bonjour Vincent,

celui la est le moteur somfy pour le portail:
2020-02-21 23:59:55 WARNING (SyncWorker_19) [homeassistant.components.tahoma] Unsupported type rts:SlidingGateOpenerRTSComponent for Tahoma device Portail

celui la est un radiateur Atlantic IO:
2020-02-21 23:59:55 WARNING (SyncWorker_19) [homeassistant.components.tahoma] Unsupported type io:AtlanticElectricalHeaterWithAdjustableTemperatureSetpointIOComponent for Tahoma device Milo

tous les autres sont en lien avec ce radiateur:
détecteur de présence
energie consommée

comment puis je t’aider?

We got a new terrace covering with Somfy io lamps and a Somfy io awning. Since the following two types are not (yet) available through the Somfy API, I would like to have these types in the Tahoma integration.

We have the following Somfy products:

  • Lighting receiver Variation io
  • Slim io receiver awning+plug
  • Situo 5 io (control)

The Lighting receiver registers as io:DimmableLightIOComponent (dimmable light receiver, on/off and brightness)

The Slim io receiver awning+plug registers as io:AwningReceiverUnoIOComponent (horizontal cover)

Is it possible, to integrate them into the Tahoma integration?

Best regards

I will be working on adding the following devices in the coming weeks. Will let you know when you could test them. I think the DimmableLight requires some additional work since it can not be mapped to one of the supported types (switch?). I believe it has to be mapped to a light type.


The following components in my setup are not supported, however I am not sure if this is something that should be supported at all, since it is internal.

Unsupported type internal:TSKAlarmComponent for Tahoma device Alarm
Unsupported type internal:PodV2Component for Tahoma device Aanraakgevoelige knop
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That sounds great.

I have integrated the io:AwningReceiverUnoIOComponent with a custom_component to test and fix some problems for myself. If this is stable I can try to make a pull request after your work is finish.

I exclude amongst other things the following internal types:

exclude: [

Hi! Could you please add support for this one?:

‘’’ WARNING (SyncWorker_5) [homeassistant.components.tahoma] Unsupported type io:MicroModuleRollerShutterSomfyIOComponent for Tahoma device Guest Blackout’’’

Many thanks in advance!!

Hey there,
missing support for DimmableLightComponent was bugging me even using “official” API so I completed the tahoma_extended component from @vlebourl to support them (PR is, or the tree where you can use this is

I hope it will help others !


Just to clarify, the “MicroModuleRollerShutterSomfyIOComponent” is a small controller by Somfy that can be added on any motor (i.e. non smart motors) and make it IO compatible. Moreo or less it looks like this (not sure it is the same model, but it is the same functionality).

See below:

Maybe we could add it as if it were a “normal” smart motor and I can do the testing to see if it works (probably it will). Many thanks!! :slight_smile:

having these as unsupported

    Unsupported type rts:SwingingShutterRTSComponent for Tahoma device Kannerzemmer
    Unsupported type rts:HorizontalAwningRTSComponent for Tahoma device Markise
    Unsupported type rts:SwingingShutterRTSComponent for Tahoma device Küche Vorne
    Unsupported type rts:SwingingShutterRTSComponent for Tahoma device Küche Seite
    Unsupported type rts:SwingingShutterRTSComponent for Tahoma device Schlofzemmer

any workaround to get them added as device?

Hey, sorry I haven’t been active for a while. I’m trying to catch up. At the moment, I’m making PRs to include extended features into the core component. When they are published, I’ll remove them from the extended version. In the meanwhile, I’ll not actively add new features to the extended version, but gracefully accept any contribution! Just make a PR and I’ll merge it for you to try it. Once cleaned up and verified, I’ll try to submit it to the core component.

I am now digging through the Tahoma component to add some more devices, but it looks like some parts could be rewritten to support all devices out of the box. Currently the component is using a hardcoded :io and :rts` device list, where you have to hardcode the sensor type.

For example, the following snippet can be retrieved through the Tahoma API. Based on the Widget and uiClass, the sensor type can be defined based on a list. This will allow the component to support all devices making use of those classes.

"controllableName": "io:SimpleBioclimaticPergolaIOComponent",
"widget": "BioclimaticPergola",
"uiClass": "Pergola"

For the BioclimaticPergola device that I am adding support for, the position should not be used. Instead the position_tilt should be used. From the API, you can receive the commands and states, which also allow you to understand which features the device supports, making the implementation more dynamic.

Any thoughts? Would be great to understand the choices of the current component, so I won’t be working on some improvements for nothing. :wink: @vlebourl @CedricGatay @philklei

Hey, as far as I’m concerned, every contributions are welcome, including your suggestions. Feel free to use the “extended” repo to test it. I’d be very happy if you were willing to have a look at the climate component. It’s working, but it’s not well written…

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Hi guys, as requested from another forum. I have a number of Somfy devices including a gate with an Axovia IO motor and a Control box 3S IO. Issue is that although these appear in HA through the Tahoma integration, they appear as scenes (replicating the scenarios of the Tahoma box). So I can trigger an “open gate” action but I cannot get the status change to trigger another action (like lights on) in HA. Even in the Tahoma app it seems you cannot use the gate status as a trigger. Same issue with Somfy IO movement and door status sensors. I looked at the API/Somfi integration but neither gates, nor movement/door status sensors seem to be exposed.

I use this for some time

I think I’ve added
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Hi all,
here’s the feed of the new refactored tahoma integration. At the moment it is still a custom component but it aims at replacing the official one.

Hi rabesocke, I also locking for a solution to integrate io:AwningReceiverUnoIOComponent. Would you mind to share your integration code lines?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @imick,

can you send me your scripts to find more about my Somfy Tahoma UnoIOComponent devices.

This is what I initially got from the Openhab log before it was implemented if it helps:
[WARN ] [very.SomfyTahomaItemDiscoveryService] - Supported commands: { close (params: 0); delayedStopIdentify (params: 1); deploy (params: 0); down (params: 0); getName (params: 0); identify (params: 0); my (params: 0); open (params: 0); refreshMe
morized1Position (params: 0); setClosure (params: 1); setDeployment (params: 1); setMemorized1Position (params: 1); setName (params: 1); setPosition (params: 1); setSecuredPosition (params: 1); startIdentify (params: 0); stop (params: 0); stopIdentify (params: 0); undeploy (params: 0); up (params: 0); wink (params: 1); }
2018-08-15 21:04:16.328 [WARN ] [very.SomfyTahomaItemDiscoveryService] - Device states:
{name=‘core:NameState’, type=3, value=Pergola Front}
{name=‘core:PriorityLockTimerState’, type=1, value=0.0}
{name=‘core:TargetClosureState’, type=1, value=0.0}
{name=‘core:StatusState’, type=3, value=available}
{name=‘core:RSSILevelState’, type=2, value=56.0}

Thank you in advance, regards

Have you already tried using I think that your device should be supported out of the box already, since we did add support for Pergola’s.

My deepest apologies and please excuse my ignorance, HACS with your custom repository did the trick. I can confirm the component does work as intended. I had no knowledge of your brilliant repo. Thank you!

Regards Raphael

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Great to hear ritter! In case you face any issues, please log them at

Hi lindi, sorry for my late answer.

I installed the new Tahoma integration of imick the last days and would check if I can integrate my adaptions to this code. Maybe I can provide a pull request for this.

Update: I saw that there is a possible fix for the io:AwningReceiverUnoIOComponent in the Tahoma integration. I will test this because this should be a solution for the problem.

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