Tahoma Integration Refactored

Hi all,

We are working with @imick at refactoring and improving the Tahoma core component. At the moment this is done as a custom component installable through HACS, and available here: https://github.com/iMicknl/ha-tahoma.

A first big change is the use of config flow. Once installed, go to Configuration -> Integration and look for Tahoma. Input your login and password and enjoy the component!

The other big change is automatic discovery of the devices instead of hard coding every single one of them. Thus this version should have more devices compatible out of the box.

A lot of work still needs to be done. We need people to test it and report bugs, missing integrations, etc.




First of all thanks a lot for you efforts to make it better.
I’m currently using the somfy plugin in hassio but that doesn’t show my RTS zonnescherm:).
So i stumbled on your integration.

I was able to install it through HACS (it shows in their integrations page), but it won’t show up in my integrations page of hassio. Any idea what im doing wrong?

If you go to Settings > Integrations > +, you are missing the Somfy TaHoma integration in the list, is that right?

Could you tell me which version you are using via HACS? If it doesn’t show up in the Integrations page, you could try clearing your browser cache. I have not faced this myself, however I have seen this issue before with other components and HACS.

hmm, you are right with firefox (so clean browser) it shows up.
thanks and shame on me for not trying the most basic thing:)

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Haha. Looking forward to your feedback regarding your RTS integration. Hopefully it works out of the box with the current modifications.

ok so my sunscreen is “out”. Im trying to bring it back in but the button for that is greyed out…
but i can move the slider and it will change the amount of “roll out” what ever you call that:)
after that the button isn’t greyed out anymore…
But if i use the slider to open it completely the button gets greyed out again…

my regular IO devices work fine!
but im missing my rtfs roofwindow opener…

@hans80 could you create two issues on the GitHub repository. I will have a look to see if we can support them.

That’s the same problem I have and I try to fix this in my pull request (work in progress).

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Hi, version 1.3 stable is out:

  • Added support for Gate devices
  • Added support for AirSensor devices
  • Added support for ElectricitySensor devices
  • Added support for Curtain devices
  • Added support for Generic devices (cover)
  • Added support for SwingingShutter devices

Version 1.4-alpha1 is also in testing with support for HeatingSystem, ATM limited to the Smart Thermostat (https://boutique.somfy.fr/thermostat-connecte-radio.html) and the Atlantic IO interface (https://boutique.somfy.fr/interface-de-chauffage-io.html). Feedback is more than welcomed!

great! testing it out now!!! (5 minutes later).

i can’t control my badkamer koepel

oh and yes a cleared my browser cache:)

Hey, can you post the details on that entity? You can get them in the developers tools, it should look like this:

Also you can try the beta version that has a hot fix for covers.

This is the first time I can see all my IO devices in Home Assistant :+1: :+1: :+1:
(using beta version)

All of them are operational, except one.
Details in developers tools:

current_tilt_position: 19
uiclass: Pergola
widget: BioclimaticPergola
type: 'io:BioclimaticPergolaIOComponent'
rssi_level: 20
friendly_name: PERGOLA TILT IO
supported_features: 240
device_class: awning

Nothing happens when I try to open/close it.

Extra problem I think (need to test some more): I can switch on/off the IO RGB light, but can’t change the color.

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Hey, thank you for the report.
Can you open an issue on github regarding the light problem, with details on the light commands and states?

I have the io:BioclimaticPergolaIOComponent device as well . Maybe the latest changes have broken this component, since we moved from tilt_position to current_tilt_position. Let me try the change this over the weekend. Does the slider work for you?

As Vincent said, would be great if you could create an issue for the light problem (new-device) and for the Pergola (bug). We didn’t implement color switching yet, thus more details of your device would be appreciated!

widget: RTSGeneric
type: 'rts:GenericRTSComponent'
friendly_name: Badkamer koepel
assumed_state: true
supported_features: 0
device_class: blind

This should be fixed in the beta version installable through HACS. Can you confirm?
Note that up and down should work, but we have no way to retrieve the current state as it’s not part of what’s given by the TaHoma api…

@vlebourl RTS devices don’t have a current state available, since it is a one way communication system.

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yes my koepel works now!

I found another issue.
In automation i cannot set a position


We had this as well but it seems to be a bug in ha, not our integration of I’m not mistaken. Mick can you confirm?

The automation issue is a known issue indeed, https://github.com/iMicknl/ha-tahoma/issues/33. No clue about the issue yet though. Does this work with other cover components?