AdGuard Home: Logging into InfluxDb

I have recently started using AdGuard Home on Home Assistant. I can see it is working quite well but I’d like to be able to query the DNS requests and the results based on device ip/mac address/ or domain etc.

I know we can go to Query Log and filter it, but there is no way to export this information into like a .csv file so that we can do further analysis on it.

I checked and found that there is already a logging of number of dns request and number of request blocked, percentage blocked etc in InfluxDB - which is very useful.

Is it possible to record every dns request, and its detailed outcome into InfluxDb as well? This way we will be able to query the database and use the recorded detailed information in different ways as we find suitable.



I am aware of that and I already have InfluxDb running and it is logging some of the metrics from AdGuard Home, like number of DNS requests, number of blocked requests, percentage blocked etc

What I am asking is to log many more stats, like individual DNS request details, hostnames, client ip address of requesting host, if the DNS was allowed or blocked, etc

If we can log all that, then we can use all this data for some more reporting purposes, like per client status, which hosts are more blocked than others i.e. which hosts are getting more DNS requests from my network than others etc