Advanced control of an HVAC entity from KNX (designed for a Daikin Stylish unit)


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Note: You can also find the blueprint code here knx-climate-entitie-control.yaml · GitHub

Main features

This blueprint can be used to fully control a Daikin Stylish HVAC (climate entity added with Daikin integration, it may work with other models) from KNX telegrams, including mode, temperature, speed, swing, preset and streamer.

It includes state feedback to KNX for any change of those parameters, and answer “GroupValueRead” telegrams for those parameters as well.

There are inputs to directly switch the cooling mode ON/OFF, but also the performance, eco and holiday modes.

Finally, it includes extra inputs to show/hide controls which are normally not available in particular modes (ie. when performance mode is enabled, it should hide temperature and fan speed controls).

This blueprint has been designed with the idea of controlling the HVAC unit from a KNX Zennio Z35 screen, but it can be used with any KNX device you like (all input parameters are optional).


An HVAC climate entity which matches the modes of a Daikin Stylish unit :

hvac_modes: fan_only, dry, cool, heat, heat_cool, off
fan_modes: Auto, Silence, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
preset_modes: none, away, eco, boost
swing_modes: Off, Vertical, Horizontal, 3D

And of course a functional KNX integration.


Create a new automation based on this Blueprint, and fill the inputs with the “Group Address” that you want to use to control the HVAC or to get its state feedback. Every input (= GA) is optional, except the climate entity obviously.


2023-04-28 : Initial release
2023-06-14 : Fix some DPT errors

Enjoy :wink:


i would to use your Blueprint for control Homematic climate actor on my knx button.

I use the link (knx-climate-entitie-control · GitHub) to add your Blueprint in my Homeassistant but he say “No valid blueprint found in the topic. Blueprint syntax blocks need to be marked as YAML or no syntax.”.

What am I doing wrong?

I think that I have found the problem, can you try again ?

still error:
Invalid blueprint: extra keys not allowed @ data[‘blueprint’][‘author’]. Got ‘kalhimeo’

I don’t know why you have this error, the code is correct and I just tried to import the blueprint in my HA and it worked fine.

maybe my homeassistant version is too old,I’ll try it later.

The link is working right now. Thank you!

I use the HA Version 2023.6.3

I try now to connect my Homematic climate actor with my KNX button.

Target Temperature state and Current Temperature state works. But i can not change the target temperature on my KNX button. I put the group address in “HVAC Target Temperature group address”. Is this right? I think not, becauce the DPT must be 1.007 and not 9.001. Your Blueprint not support 1.007, right?

  path: kalhimeo/knx-climate-entitie-control.yaml
    climate_entity: climate.schlafzimmerheizung
    target_temperature_state_address: 4/1/1
    target_temperature_address: 4/1/2
    current_temperature_state_address: 4/2/1

This is the error:

Error rendering data template: ValueError: Template error: float got invalid input 'None' when rendering template '{{ | float }}' but no default was specified

Indeed target temperature has to be a standard 2 bytes address (DPT 9.001), I don’t understand German but I guess that your HVAC uses a 1 bit telegram to adjust the target temperature with +1 or -1 degree with DTP 1.007. This is unfortunately not supported by my blueprint