Advanced control of any light entity from KNX (state,brightness,dim,color + states feedback)


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Note: You can also find the blueprint code here KNX - Light entities control · GitHub

Main features

This is my first blueprint which can be used to fully control a light entity from KNX telegrams, including state (on/off), brightness (as percentage or relative dimming) and color (rgb).

The blueprint will also send state feedback to KNX for any change of those 3 parameters, and answer “GroupValueRead” telegrams for those states.


Any light entity and a working KNX setup


Create a new automation based on this Blueprint, and fill the inputs with the “Group Address” that you want to use to control the light or to get its state feedback. Every input (= GA) is optional, except the light entity obviously.

If you intend to use the relative dimming commands, you will need to create an “Helper” entity which will act as a global variable since those are not (yet ?) supported in HA automations.
To do so, go to Settings → Devices & Services → Helpers → Create Helper → Toggle. Give it a name and Save. You will need to select this Helper entity when configuring the Blueprint.

There is an additional parameter for relative dimming which, when enabled, will prevent the light to turn off when dimming down (stays at minimum dimming when reached).


2023-04-28 : Initial release
2023-04-28 : Fix for relative dimming
2023-05-12 : New parameter to prevent a light to switch off when it reaches the lowest dimm level
2023-05-25 : Fix Dim up stop telegram


Special thanks to farmio and his " KNX - relative dimming for lights" blueprint on which this version is based.

Enjoy :wink: