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just a question but before let me share my setting.

I have a thermostatic valve on each radiator around my house and also air conditioning in the bedrooms but also in living room and studio.

the External machine serving bedroom in an porch that is normally closed during winter (in winter we just use radiators). I have a sensor in the porch windows (an old aqara) and till now I have an automation that IF notice that AC is turned on while window is closed automatically turn this off.

How can I replicate this safety check with this blueprint? Maybe with a template sensor with inverted status?

Moreover with this template can I avoid to use AC during winter with heat function instead of use the in combination with radiators?


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Just pushed dev to stable:

@boasist you need something that triggers you heating/cooling, e.g. a person, presence sensor or a scheduler. with your configuration the eco temp will be set and because you’ve enabled off_instead_min the ac/thermosat turns off.

Maybe you need two automations one for the ac and one for the radiators. For the ac automation you can put this window sensor in the :snowman: Winter Mode / Automation Toggle section. If the windows sensor state goes off / closed the automation will be disabled.
For the heating / radiator automation you can invert the sensor value with a template sensor. So the automations toggle depending to the state of your window. (Correct me if I didn’t understand you correctly.)

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Yes I think i got the point. Just for the record the template sensor need for the cooling.
Always related to the cooling which is the best way to avoid that the cooling does not work during winter. Scheduler maybe or outside temp ?

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If you want it smart you can use the weather / outside temperature sensor or maybe you can create a template sensor that combines states of your window, thermostat and climate entities or you just provide a input boolean that toggles between winter and summer.
You also can create a binary sensor based on a calendar. I personally use a temperature sensor on my boiler which toggles my winter mode. So many possibilities. :smiley:

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@panhans Ich glaub der Fehler kommt von der blueprint oder?
Ggf. liegts daran weil das value von der “thermal comfort” integrität zu lang ist? “23.0668388888889” oder leer ist

Logger: homeassistant.components.automation.advanced_climate_control_wohnzimmer
Quelle: components/automation/__init__.py:669
Integration: Automatisierung (Dokumentation, Probleme)
Erstmals aufgetreten: 12:22:43 (1 Vorkommnisse)
Zuletzt protokolliert: 12:22:43

Error rendering variables: ValueError: Template error: int got invalid input 'None' when rendering template '{% if input_mode_outside_temperature != none %} {% set state = states(input_mode_outside_temperature) %} {% set state = iif(is_number(state) == true, state, state_attr(input_mode_outside_temperature,'temperature'))%} {{ (state | int - input_mode_outside_temperature_threshold | int) * factor < 0 }} {% else %} {{ true }} {% endif %}' but no default was specified

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The screen text is ok whatever language, just the stuff you type.

I can’t reproduce this. The only reason of the error could be the value of the weather / outdoor temperature sensor was something like unknown.

//EDIT: Just pushed a small fix for that case. Just give some feedback if the error occurs again.

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looks good now thanks, maybe the blueprint was faster than the Integrations loads

Good morning everyone.

I have a question about activation,
I have set up a boolean helper for the toggle AND the outside temperature sensor.
But now I have a doubt, Is the automation looking at both? Or, if I want to use the outside temperature control, should I leave the toggle config blank?

Regarding the outside temperature control, is the condition looking at the current temperature or is any calculation applied (e.g. average temperature)?


  1. He checks both
  2. He use the value directly

hey legends,

i have set up the automation to include the use of door & window sensors.
all seems to be working as it should except when the thermostat (im using a generic thermostat wit ha switch to turn a panel heater on) is turned on manually.

after the 3 minutes, the switch is not turning off.
(edit: the door is open and the window is closed)

any thoughts?

Hi, did you check the logs?

What you can do for make it easier to debug your issue is:

  1. set the reaction times to 0 or maybe 2 seconds or so
  2. save your automation
  3. open up your door and wait until your automation gets triggered (just have a look at the timestamp in the automation overview)
  4. navigate to your automation and download the trace log like described here

Have you noticed that you can make sections of a blueprint collapsible now? I think it would be good for a more comfortable blueprint :slight_smile:

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Oh, thanks for this information. I totally missed that but I will update the blueprint soon.

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:fire: AHCv4.2.9 :fire:

:new: section support in UI

Note: If you can’t see any change or a faulty UI just refresh your browser with fully cache reload. (Mac users: SHIFT + CMD + R, Win & Linux: ALT+F5)

@NessD here you are :wink:

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Is there a way to use this blueprint to work with multiple temperature sensors that are independent of a thermostat? I have a helper that basically figures out what the “current” temperature of the house is using several parameters, and I simply want to use that temperature helper as the “current” temperature. I didn’t see this clearly asked in the thread and didn’t see it in any of the options.

Hey, sure. If you use a template sensor there shouldn’t be any problem.

Here is an example:

Awesome, looks nice! Thx!

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Is it possible to add a new custom Action section like the existing “after Trigger”, for “before” Trigger. Example the new Action Trigger must be true to Trigger the Thermostat?
So many new functions are available without new integrations from you

Edit: i think the current custom Action does this Not include, but Not 100% sure

I’ve recently updated the blueprint to the latest version. The heating has been off since May, so I figured it was a good time to update things, sort out the new room configurations and make sure everything works okay in time for the heating being needed again later in the year.

Must say that I’m really impressed with the additional features and the improvements made since I initially set this up. Well done @panhans and thanks for the improvements.

I did almost get caught out by the Eco Temperature using an input number helper. I happened to be working on something else and when I did a config check HA threw up an " int object is not iterable" error. A quick search of the forum led me to this thread and I was able to fix the error before the next restart of HA. I would’ve been pulling my hair our at what was stopping HA from restarting, so that was a real “phew” moment.