🔥 Advanced Heating Control

It looks like the “input_mode_outside_temperature” is not inverted in cooling mode.

Edit: or is this the the First fix in fixes? :see_no_evil: Im currently not on dev

Hi is that possible now to add on loveless a card view like this one

I want that my family can give the temperature / Time on Loveless

Hey, is it possible to catch if the “Calibration Temperature Sensor” is unavailable. At the moment, my TRV goes to fully open if that happens. Because I think your blueprint is interpreting a 0 then and the TRV gets pushed till the temperature match the “Comfort Temperature” or “Eco Temperature”.
I got Aquare Temp Sensors, and they loose ZigBee connection from time to time. And them my room is a sauna :smiley:

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Thank you for your feedback. I will think about it. But yes, it makes totally sense if you own two heating systems.

Yes, in dev atm since I don’t own an AC. Feel free to check it out. If it’s working as expected I will merge it into the main version.

I think atm there isn’t a lovelace card for the onboard schedules. The only way to change it is to link it in a e.g. entities card, clicking on it and edit it using the gear button.
For input_numbers (temperatures) there are several options.

I recently pushed an update to the dev version which prevents the calibration call if the sensors value isn’t a number. Feel free to test. I think I will merge it this week into the stable version.

Thanks for the answer,

What do you mean exactly with " I think atm there isn’t a lovelace card for the onboard schedules"

Is that not a “Loveless Card” sorry i am noob

Link: /github.com/nielsfaber/scheduler-card

This Loveless card seams to be near to the VIS Iobroker view here


And on this " scheduler-card" i can Link to the vairable number “TempSalon”

This card is only compatible to the community scheduler integration not to the home assistant schedules.

Ok what do you recomand to do to have on loveless this kind of view ?

Do you have an exemple how to prepare “entities card, clicking on it and edit it using the gear button”
i need an exemple how do you recommand to do it :slight_smile:

Atm. this is hard to do something like this. I wish the schedule integration could hold some attributes like temperatures.

Further more the idea behind this blueprint is a fully automatic heating control in best case without manual changes during the day. So it only provide an automation and not a ui front end.
Schedulers, temperatures ect. are predefined and can switch dynamically by using sensors or manual inputs. Its not my plan to edit the schedules more then once, but define schedules for each situation and toggle between them.

But I will also integrate a calendar option where everyone could edit temperatures and other tweaks.

Looks like this does not work. I can Upload the trace the nxt days.

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Yep, ok. I’d just tested it in my test environment with a generic AC, but have no possibility in real life. Trace would be fine.

@panhans all fine now, you can push dev to stable

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Feature Request: Since the Sonoff TRVZB now support valve positioning (SONOFF TRVZB control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT), would it be possible to integrate it in your automation? For example, if target temperature is nearly reached, set valve to 0% or if it’s far away from target, then open it by 100% and so forth. That is to say a more granular temperature setting.

Can you add a “inside Temperature Threshold” next “Outside Temperature Threshold”?

i tried to vote for upcoming features in the first post … but i don´t know how … (no button or sth similar for voting?)

Hmm, I thought the room thermostat handles the indoor temperature. If above/under the target temperature the valve gets closed. Or what’s the idea behind it?

I closed the vote since the most wanted feature is already implemented. I could open it again. :wink:

thanks and I Voted - Will calendar support then be the next thing?

Really looking forward for the heating in my office (dependent on clients that visit / calendar events) - but this has time until the next heating period :wink:

my house is inside sometimes heater than outside (fast temp switched), so i dont want that He Put Off the Ac when outside is shortly cooler than inside.

Second Question, the “Outside Temperature Threshold” is in my config 22c but the Script starts on 23c can you check If this is maybe a code mistake?