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Yes I think i got the point. Just for the record the template sensor need for the cooling.
Always related to the cooling which is the best way to avoid that the cooling does not work during winter. Scheduler maybe or outside temp ?

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If you want it smart you can use the weather / outside temperature sensor or maybe you can create a template sensor that combines states of your window, thermostat and climate entities or you just provide a input boolean that toggles between winter and summer.
You also can create a binary sensor based on a calendar. I personally use a temperature sensor on my boiler which toggles my winter mode. So many possibilities. :smiley:

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@panhans Ich glaub der Fehler kommt von der blueprint oder?
Ggf. liegts daran weil das value von der “thermal comfort” integrität zu lang ist? “23.0668388888889” oder leer ist

Logger: homeassistant.components.automation.advanced_climate_control_wohnzimmer
Quelle: components/automation/__init__.py:669
Integration: Automatisierung (Dokumentation, Probleme)
Erstmals aufgetreten: 12:22:43 (1 Vorkommnisse)
Zuletzt protokolliert: 12:22:43

Error rendering variables: ValueError: Template error: int got invalid input 'None' when rendering template '{% if input_mode_outside_temperature != none %} {% set state = states(input_mode_outside_temperature) %} {% set state = iif(is_number(state) == true, state, state_attr(input_mode_outside_temperature,'temperature'))%} {{ (state | int - input_mode_outside_temperature_threshold | int) * factor < 0 }} {% else %} {{ true }} {% endif %}' but no default was specified

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I can’t reproduce this. The only reason of the error could be the value of the weather / outdoor temperature sensor was something like unknown.

//EDIT: Just pushed a small fix for that case. Just give some feedback if the error occurs again.

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looks good now thanks, maybe the blueprint was faster than the Integrations loads

Good morning everyone.

I have a question about activation,
I have set up a boolean helper for the toggle AND the outside temperature sensor.
But now I have a doubt, Is the automation looking at both? Or, if I want to use the outside temperature control, should I leave the toggle config blank?

Regarding the outside temperature control, is the condition looking at the current temperature or is any calculation applied (e.g. average temperature)?


  1. He checks both
  2. He use the value directly
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