Advanced medication reminder

I updated the blueprint to fix duplicate notification

Button added to add the blueprint directly from my github repo

Merci beaucoup, moi qui prends beaucoup de medoc et ton blueprints est bien pratique. Thank you very much, I take a lot of medoc and your blueprints are very practical

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Hi! I love what you did. Thank you!

But I would need help to make it like the image you uploaded. how do you make the card?

  - title: Médicaments
    path: medicaments
    icon: mdi:pill
    badges: []
      - type: entities
          - entity: automation.sante_rappel_prise_de_medicament_midi
            icon: hass:head
            name: Rappel midi
          - entity: input_datetime.sante_rappel_prise_de_medicament_midi
            name: Heure rappel midi
          - entity: automation.sante_rappel_prise_de_medicament_soir
            icon: hass:head
            name: Rappel soir
          - entity: input_datetime.sante_rappel_prise_de_medicament_soir
            name: Heure rappel soir
        title: Prise de médicament
      - type: logbook
          - input_boolean.sante_medicaments
        hours_to_show: 2400
        title: Historique
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Thanks for your help just one more thing, I got the chart and wanted to do the top part.

I know it’s an “input_datetime” but how can I integrate it into the automation you created?


In the reminder_time input, you can put a input_datetime entity, see here : Input Datetime - Home Assistant

I can’t do that on blueprint. On blueprint I can only enter time.

Where in blueprint I can put input_datetime entity?

oh yes, I don’t know if I can do anything to allow you to use an inout_datetime from UI :thinking:

otherwise, you can edit the automations.yaml file and replace the time by the input_datetime entity.

exemple of my blueprint yaml use:

- id: medication_reminder_midi
  alias: Santé - Rappel prise de médicament midi
    path: medication_reminder.yaml
      reminder_time: input_datetime.sante_rappel_prise_de_medicament_midi
      notify_device: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      input_boolean: input_boolean.sante_medicaments
        - service: script.notify_enceintes
            message: "Rappel de prise de médicaments pour

I manualy edit automations.yaml and is working now, thanks.

It will bi nice to have an option in blueprint set input_datetime entity instead time in future releases:)

Now I have another question when I get notify on my phone I don thave options taken, ask later, and skip. And I have no hystory.

I have enabled mobile_app in my HA, and HA app instaled on my phone.

I must configure something else?

maybe this : Advanced medication reminder - #17 by Sock

Long-press is working on iphone. Thanks:)

@ Mati24

This is great! However, it still notifies if the status is checked at the time of the alert. Can this be fixed?

What do you mean by “status” ?

Thanks for this blueprint…it’s a huge help for me.
I have one challenge and I’m not sure it’s the Blueprint’s fault. I’m guessing it’s a HA problem. But here it goes.
I get a reminder at 8am and I hear my iphone buz. I pick it up and see the medication reminder but can’t act on it. I then wake up my watch and don’t get the notification because it’s already been seen.
I think if I didn’t pick up my iphone, in a few seconds the notification would show up on my watch.

No sorry I don’t use iOS so I can’t test on my side :confused:
But I use the standard notification method, so you can ask in a dedicated thread if you want. Otherwise if you find a blueprint where it works well, tell me, I will check it

Sorry, I meant ‘state’. When the state of the input_boolean is on before the notification time, the notification still happens. I would make the notification contingent on the input_boolean being off.

Thank you. I came here to comment on this exact problem. I see the notification on my phone and couldn’t act. If for some reason I caught the alert on my watch…all was good.

Figured it out. Long press on the IOS notification will get you options to respond.

Thank you for the blueprint. I like it. I wish it allowed me the following options though:

  1. If a light is being turned on, be able to set it to flashing.
  2. Upon taking the medication, perform another action (so I can turn the light off)