Advice on implementing multiple TRV

Hi, I had a couple of Hive TRV and dumb TRV, some DIY damaged the TRV (plaster and paint) so replacing and decided to replace with zigbee / tuya smart TRV across all rooms. As I think about the number required and the config needed it occurred to me that there are three rooms in the house with multiple radiators. The intention is to switch the hive boiler control to on demand so the TRV switch on the boiler when required. So what is the best approach to setting up these multi radiator rooms?

  1. Install Smart TRV on both radiators and link them together (may reduce functionality)
  2. Install Smart TRV on both and operate them independently, what are the potential issues and benefits?
  3. Install Smart TRV on only one radiator and set the dumb radiator to a fixed value
  4. Other options?

Appreciate any suggestions