Aeon Labs ZW056 Doorbell: Button Press Not Happening

I have python-openzwave installed and Home Assistant detects my Aeon Labs Z-Wave Gen5 USB stick with no problem at all, including open-zwave-control-panel. However, even though I’ve configured my doorbell to repeat at one time and set the notification to “hail,” pressing a doorbell button did nothing when it comes down to triggering my group of lights:

- alias: "Doorbell pressed" trigger: platform: state entity_id: switch.aeotec_doorbell_gen5_switch_2 to: "on" for: seconds: 1 action: service: light.toggle entity_id: group.bedroom_lamps

Does anyone know how I can get it to work?

This is the one I’m using:

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I’ve been working on this today. Yes, I had previously had the same results. I played around with open zwave control panel , and now it is working. I suspect that I have somehow changed notification state from none to basic and that got everything working. Let me know if you would like more information.

Actually, with a little more diagnoses, it was because my controller was losing communication to the doorbell. I looked in the control panel, and it was marked as “dead.” I moved the usb hub around to get a better signal, and it changed back to “ready.” Once I fired up hass again, it was working. It would be nice if Hass showed zwave node status somewhere.

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I had this exact same issue, and wanted to note what it took for me to fix it, in case others stumble upon this as well. The noted automation text above is all perfectly fine, but the notification mode of the device must be in ‘Hail’ mode, not ‘Basic’ or ‘None’. I utilized OpenZWave-Control-Panel to view what it was previously set to (Basic) and changed it to ‘Hail’ and was immediately able to trigger events in hass when the doorbell button was pressed.


Just set it up my self today… Thanks for the tip about ‘Hail’ mode, that was the key.

Hopefully this is the end to missed delivery when we are home… I have setup notifications to both my wife and I whenever it is pressed.

Well, it’s been so long and I forgot about my thread and I have created a new thread about a week ago:

It’s not that much, but it works. The “Refresh” button in OZWCP can be confusing, though. I’m not sure if the “Refresh” button sends a configuration directly to a Z-Wave device.