Aeotec Dual Nano Switch

Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience with the Aeotec Dual Nano switch in Hass?

I have successfully added this to HASS, however it’s only showing a single Switch component. It’s meant to be able to control 2 switches individually. Instead I get a single switch that control both lights at the same time.


Exact same issue here…

I raised a ticket with Aeotec about this issue and they finally gave me a firmware upgrade to fix this issue.

I’m not sure if they have released this new firmware for all models of the Dual Nano switch yet. I’m happy to share the version they gave me.

Doesn’t look like they have on their website.

If you could share that would be great!

PM me your email address and I’ll forward it on.

Hi bro
I’m having the same issue with my aeotec dual nano switches. They show up as single switche controlling both Lights. Unfortunately I have at least 5 of them with the thought of controlling 10 Lights now I’m stuck.

Any help please.

You need to upgrade the firmware on the Dual Nano Switch. Download the latest version from here and follow the instructions:

Make sure you download the firmware for the correct region.

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Thanks mate.

It’s a pain coz I need to delete the switches from home-assistant and then remove the switch board and then update. I so hope there is a OTA

Works great after the firwayre update.


  1. If the dual nano switch is connected via the z stick - unplug the z stick from raspberry pi 3 (in my case)
  2. Update all nano dual switches. Took me 8-10 min for each.
  3. I had to reset the switches to get the separated switches.
  4. Reset each switch. And added them from inside home-assistant z wave
  5. Renamed each.
  6. In my case I restarted homebridge plugin to bring the switches into iOS home app
  7. Took me a good 4 hours to get all of them done so it’s a good weekend project. Now I’m really :smiley:
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Yeah, it’s a bit of a pain to upgrade the firmware when you already have the switches included in HA.
Glad you got it sorted.