Aeotec RGB bulb not seen as RGB from Vera controller

I can’t control the RGB of the Aeotec Bulb when it is connected via my VeraEdge using Z-Wave, it just show up as a dimmable light, no color wheel.
I installed the RGB Controller app on the Vera which created another device which I can see in HA but that still only gives me a dimmable light.
Does anyone have this working?
I’ve tried it as “light” and not as light.

I figured this out - for anyone searching, here’s what to do:

  1. Add your Aeotec RGB bulb to the Vera Z-wave network. Once it’s visible in HA make it a light by adding the sensor number in the Vera component.
  2. Take note of the light entity you have now - mine is light.lounge_lamp_18, you will still use this entity once finished this setup.
  3. In the Vera web interface, in the menu on the left go Apps > Install Apps and search for RGB Controller. Install this app. It took me two goes to install, the first time it said “install failed”, second time it worked - prob just my box.
  4. Confirm the RGB Controller app is installed, click My Apps and you should see the RGB Controller app installed.
  5. The RBG Controller app will have created a new device called “RGB controller device”, go check under Devices menu.
  6. Name this new device (doesn’t really matter what you call this, you won’t use it in HA - i just copied the other name and appended _bulb and it became light.lounge_lamp_bulb_19 in HA, but prob can exclude it)
  7. Click Settings, choose your RGB device and then choose the actual device to control.
  8. That should be it. Reload/restart HA and you now should see a color wheel on your original device.

For multiple installed RGB devices go back to Apps > My Apps, click RGB Controller and click “Create Another” button, then go to step 5 above and repeat.

Note: what I found it the RGB Controller device actually modifies the original RGB device and allows the RGB control of it. For me it does not offer warm white adjustment - just color - but that’s good enough for me for now.

If anyone has any enhancements to this or other Vera Zwave device tips, please comment away.