Aeotec Stick Gen5

The stick is supposed to be Z+, but in OZWCP it shows it as non-plus device.
I have a mix of plus and non-plus devices in my network. The plus devices appear as such in OZWCP, but max baud rate is shown as 40k (and not 100k) for them too,

Anyone has Aeotec Stick Gen5 and it is reported as Z+ ?

I have the Gen5 stick. It is listed just as the static controller. I do have a mix of std Zwave and Zwave+ devices and they work without issue.

When I looked at AEOTec’s web site, it looks to me like the Gen5 stick is NOT listed as a Zwave+ device. But it could be clearer.

I was wondering the same thing as OP, dug through Aeotec’s site and found the following.
Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5 specs

It says Zwave+ certified. I’m not sure what that means. I wrote to Aeotec support.

did you get any reply on this matter?

Yes, that it is z+

ok, but have you figured out why it’s not listed as z+ in the hass zwave check?

likely because you have non z+ devices on your zwave network.

I only have 3 fibaro wall plugs, which are all z+, and hass also lists them as z+. I’m wondering if the z-stick is actually running on z+, or if it’s been"downgraded" somehow… Is this something I can set/change in OZWCP?

Given that the check seems to report everybody’s controllers as non-plus, regardless, I suspect a bug in the reporting.

Did you guys ever find out anything more about this? Several of my devces lists as Zwave+, but not my Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5.

I noticed the same thing. I’m just setting up my HA setup now and my Z-stick is reporting that it is not Z+. I suspect it’s a reporting bug as everything in my Zwave network is Z+.

I just raised this thread for my zwave/zigbee HUSBZB-1 which is definitely z+ compatible also not reporting properly.

I wonder if this is an issue with open-zwave since it appears to happen in both hass and ozwcp.