Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5 upgrade to Z-Stick 7

I’ve recently bought the Z-Stick 7 as I got a really good deal so want to migrate my setup to it

I already have the Gen 5 stick connected to all my devices using Z-Wave JS so wondering is there a way to transfer it all over to the new stick without having to remove and then add again all the devices?

You must use the aeotec tool for that…

Add gen 7 as secondary controller then , once added, make gen 7 main controller and remove gen 5

Got this from another post but sounds like it’ll work

Unfortunately the tool only supports the gen 5 stick not the Z-Stick 7

I have looked but see no way of adding a second controller in Z-Wave JS…

You can try using the Controller Shift process.

Decided to give this a go and hit a wall

I can add the new controller as a slave and it has all the devices etc but at the point where I’m suppose to shift the controller over is where the problem lies

“Shift” is greyed out because my Gen 5 stick is set as “SIS”

Not sure how to proceed from here…

What you are trying to do is not easy. Zwavejs and de zwave stick work together but also not… zwave info (network) is stored on stick, not homeassistant. Shifting controller and suc sis is very hard from a homeassistant perspective. Maybe this is of some help:

But as I said before… you need to use the aeotec software or maybe some other 3rd party controllers having “deeper” control of the stick (network). (I do not know of any atm).

Edit, think I meant this link

Has anybody managed to upgrade from a 5 to a 7? I would like to get a 7, but I can’t do a re-pair. I have most of my devices in my tenants’ part of the house, and I can’t run around there and exclude and include, they are very private people.

You can use zwavejs2mqtt to backup the 500 and restore it to a 700. Currently it is not recommended to upgrade to a 700 controller: Alerts – Home Assistant

OK, thanks a lot! Then I know I can do it when the time comes. :+1:

Suggest also follow similar discussion on same topic in node-zwave-js discussions on GitHub here:

Experimental way to migrate Z-Wave 500 series to Z-Wave 700 series included in zwavejs2mqtt 6.3.0:

SL dropped an updated firmware (.17) for the 700 sticks today that may contain a fix. Some are already beginning to test.

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Did this ever get resolved? I Just got a 7 series as a gift, and would love to migrate. This caught my attention though.

Latest firmware should be good as far as that issue is concerned.

Personally, There’s still some weirdness for me where I still have a node pop up dead on occasion but it’s WAY better. Enough so that I permanently moved back to my 700 stick.

Great to hear. I have node issues on my 5 series. As many of my devices are 7 series compatible (Zooz heavy here), I am hoping for some optimizations from it. Also, I have repeaters so the signal distance issues are not a big concern of mine.

Out of curiosity, how did you approach the migration from 5->7?

Backup and restore tool inside Zwavejs2mqtt… Er The ZwaveJS UI… Took a grand total of 20 minutes.

Supports transitioning between 500 <>700

(they added downgrade support earlier this summer specifically because of that issue)


Up until about a month ago (3-4 weeks) I was getting near-daily dead nodes with the latest .17, but since then none that I’ve noticed.

These past weeks have been the most stable Z-Wave has been since I switched to the Zooz 700 stick in late spring.

Something’s afoot, I just wish I knew what it was. :wink:

Can i migrate from a stick to aeotec gen7 without any problems? Or does it need to migrate from
Aeotec to aeotec


Having problem when trying to migrate from Aeotec Gen5 to Aeotec Z-stick 7 under ZwaveJS UI.
First i update the both sticks firmware and then:
1 - I did backup of Gen5 NVM in Zwave JS UI
2 - shut down the ZwaveJS UI
3 - changed the sticks (plugged in Z-stick7)
4 - started ZwaveJS and changed path to the new stick
5 - restored the NVM to z-stick 7

The nodes appeared in UI but all listed as dead. Re-interview or heal doesnt help. Any idea why is that ?