Aeotec Z-wave stick over socket connection

I am in the process of moving from Indigo to HA. I’ve installed HA on vanilla Ubuntu in a python venv. Everything good so far.

Since my Linux server is in a basement room, I have my Aeotec stick plugged into a Raspberry Pi on my main floor. I then set this up to “share” the stick over a socket connection. In Indigo, I was able to simply give the address of the stick as:

Looking at the Z-wave configuration in configuration.yaml, it looks like I need to specify the address as:
usb_path: /dev/ttyUSB0
Is there a way to use a socket connection instead?

… in case anyone is interested, this is how I configured my Pi to serve the USB stick over a socket:

pi@Zwave-Pi:~ $ sudo vi /etc/ser2net.conf
	append the following:
	3333:raw:0:/dev/ttyUSB0:115200 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT
pi@Zwave-Pi:~ $ sudo service z-way-server stop
pi@Zwave-Pi:~ $ sudo service ser2net restart

There isn’t a way to do that natively in hass. I think you’ll need an application that does the opposite of ser2net, converting an outbound network connection to a serial device.

Thanks for the reply. Did a little Googling and it looks like I should be able to install socat on my HA server to achieve what I’m looking for. I’ll report back with results:

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This is indeed what you need! Please do share your experience, I think I’ll look into your solution for a problem I need to solve.