Aeotech ZW162 Doorbell

@adamoutler… Hi, I’m sorry again, I followed the manual step-by-step, but nothing happens … Still a fun hobby, but I hope to get a little further now. Does anyone have an idea what I’m doing wrong here?

Try some different entities. You’re filtering them and using the wrong one. Don’t filter and find the one that looks like in my pic.

I just did an update to my OZW instance, and now all I see is command class 94. Is anyone else seeing this? I really don’t want to go up and reset the unit because it’s about 20ft above my 2nd floor inside the house. My bell stopped working entirely.

Thanks, great info! This works for me. Set me on the right path of using the command/setvalue topic.

Anotherway to find your ValueIDKey is to search for “Browse Tones” or “Doorbell 1 tones” in MQTT explorer.

As I see it the Siren creates 8 instances (I regard them virtual devices). Each of those has a purpose and a SOUND_SWITCH. And for each of those you can set a volume and a default tone. You find these settings under command class 121.

  1. General + Browse : Used to browse the tones, i.e. from some controller front-end
  2. Tamper: Used when the siren detects vibration.
  3. Doorbell 1
  4. Doorbell 2
  5. Doorbell 3
  6. Enviroment
  7. Security
  8. Emergency

I think the Enviroment, Security and Emergency are used by the siren when it receives these frames / command classe from directly associated devices. (nr1 associated device is the lifeline/ controller, but you can have z-wave device directly communicating). Or when they are broadcasted on the network. So a motion or window/door sensor can trigger it directly or the controller can broadcast the event and all devices can act on it (like the siren when there is a security event). But it’s hard to find information about this so correct me if i’m wrong.

These are the available tones:
Tones 2,3,4,5,11,19,27 don’t play, is it because of the special chars in the label? ozw bug?
Using value 0 stops the playing sound.

Label": “Inactive”
Label": “01 Ding Dong (5 sec)”
Label": “02 Ding Dong Tubular (9 sec)”
Label": “03 Traditional Apart\u0019\u0007dʹ��Y>�\u000B (10 sec)”
Label": “04 Electric Apartmen\u0003���\tTIO (1 sec)”
Label": “05 Westminster Chimep (12 sec)”
Label": " (0 sec)"
Label": “07 Cuckoo (31 sec)”
Label": “08 Traditional Bell (6 sec)”
Label": “09 Smoke Alarm 1 (11 sec)”
Label": “10 Smoke Alarm 2 (5 sec)”
Label": “11 Fire Evacuation Bi�(X\u0001 (35 sec)”
Label": “12 CO Sensor (4 sec)”
Label": “13 Klaxon (6 sec)”
Label": “14 Deep Klaxon (40 sec)”
Label": “15 Warning Tone (37 sec)”
Label": “16 Tornado Siren (45 sec)”
Label": “17 Alarm (35 sec)”
Label": “18 Deep Alarm (62 sec)”
Label": “19 Alarm Archangel (15 sec)”
Label": “20 Alarm Shrill (7 sec)”
Label": “21 Digital Siren (8 sec)”
Label": “22 Alert Series (63 sec)”
Label": “23 Ship Bell (3 sec)”
Label": “24 Clock Buzzer (9 sec)”
Label": “25 Christmas Tree (3 sec)”
Label": “26 Gong (11 sec)”
Label": “27 Single Bell Ting (0 sec)”
Label": “28 Tonal Pulse (11 sec)”
Label": “29 Upwards Tone (2 sec)”
Label": “30 Door Open (27 sec)”

I did another update and it works again.

The setvalue command is correct in HEAD revision.

As for your tones, I’m not sure. I haven’t tested recently, but they were all working for me last time I checked.

Glad its working for you!
You’re right, is wasn’t looking at the right version, the one in the master is correct. I’ll update my post.

For OZW with MQTT Support, I reworked my Siren flows to make them easier to use and modify.

  • All sounds are mapped via trace. You can drag a line from one siren to the sound you want it to make when the button is pressed. Each siren (all 9) have switches in Lovelace which you can use in Automations or manually, and each switch operates the same way as a button, automatically resetting when triggered.

  • Turn off sound - Triggers Security sound, then turns it off, killing all sounds. Places switch that auto-turns off like a button in Lovelace to perform the action. Operates as a button.

  • Set Volumes - Sets the volume to a specified level. You can choose volume by drag-n-drop palces button in lovelace, to perform the action. Places switch that auto-turns off like a button in Lovelace to perform the action. Operates as a button.

Note, you wil need to know the Value ID Keys for each of items, and you can find them using MQTT Explorer. You’re going to need the volume ID for Set Volume controls and the playback ID for Siren controls and Turn Off Sound. The only configuration you need to do is Value ID key in nodes marked in yellow with “My xxx Siren…”, and the MQTT nodes in purple All other configuration is optional.

Here is the flow for Node Red. To import, copy all the text in that link and paste it into import within Node Red.

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I made a new one for ZWaveJS 2 MQTT. It’s more robust and works very well. See here: Support for Aeotec Siren 6


Has anyone here switched to zwavejs2mqtt and got the doorbell 6 working?

If yes, what did you do to get it working?

The doorbell is showing up in the zwavejs2mqtt control panel but has very few values and the ones it does have don’t have any useful functionality as a doorbell.

Define 'working '. Show up with config and sound switch board. Using the ringing endpoints from ha is not ready yet

It doesn’t generate any zwave_js_events in HA when I press either doorbell button.

And none of the battery entities (which I assume are supposed to be the doorbell button themselves) are showing any values. All show 0%

and none of the automatically configured entities in HA change states when I push either doorbell button.


with the old zwave system I could receive the doorbell presses on the zwave.node_event for that node

You were using Open Zwave beta?

No, the integrated zwave 1.4.

Pressing the button , does trigger updates for me:
in JS config panel it shows:

and frontend also

JS log:

battery % dont show in config panel, so that might need a fix somewhere (probably js server upstream)

Now with the zwave set value service in HA update, it might be an option to call the sound switch board from HA. Any one idea where to find the right properties for that?
Dug some in logs JS got below call doing indeed a dingdong, this is good stuff. Me happy

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which zwavejs version are you running?

zwavejs add-on, zwavejs2mqtt add-on or zwavejs2mqtt standalone docker container?

That’s the one, chosen just for the control panel


I wonder if there’s a difference between the zwavejs2mqtt add-on and the zwavejs2mqtt standalone (which is what I use).

I thought the add-on was based on the standalone so at most the standalone should be more current than the add-on.

If I can’t get it to work I may just have to exclude it and re-include it to see if that fixes it.

Thanks for verifying that it should work tho.

Np, that’s what this forum is for :+1:

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Btw, what section does the control panel show on your doorbell?
Some first attempts did not show me all sound switch and other config options. Should carry pretty lot of data and config fields

Possibly, a reinterview action might help