Affordable (cheap) Wireless window opener?


I need a cheap window opener for my enclosed balcony. It doesn’t have to be something safe/sturdy as it is just single-glazed windows in the fourth floor.

I want to be able to say something like "open the window if the temperature inside is above ‘x’, wind is below ‘y’ and weather ‘!=rain’.

AXA 2.0 is tempting, but with IR (?!), so it isn’t the easiest to control AFAIK.
I’m thinking 433mhz or Z-wave, something similar.

Something like this: CSD 400 Window Opener
Not sure if this can be controlled with 433MHz though…


[ACK4] seems to be a recommended actuator, especially for 24V.
Alternatively (and much cheaper) the “SMART” 24V actuator found on eBay

What it doesn’t have is a way to control it through f.ex. RFXCOM.

Then I found this transformer/remote controller from AliExpress which can convert a 230V input to 24V, and receive 433MHz signals for control, which means you get a wall switch, remote controller and RfxTrx433 communication.

Unfortunately it’s hard to say how the quality is on any of these products. I’m not too fond of cheap products from AliExpress, especially not those that require 230V!
But in any case, I know other locally sourced products that can do the same, although ONLY 433MHz, no wall switch.

Because in that case the “SMART” window opener + 433MHz 230V/24V driver could work…

AXA 2.0 + an Arduino shield seems to be the best option, but then you’ll need power for the Arduino… The battery possibility is the best part of AXA.


Check out this project for the AXA 2.0, it may be of some interest.


Or maybe you could have a look at Smarwi - But it depends on what was your original plan with the window and also what type of window you want to control. It is based on ESP8266 and can be controlled over wifi, MQTT,…


Did anybody implement this Smarwi from Vektiva to the Home Assistant via MQTT protocol?