Affordable Smart Wearable meets Home Assistant

What sensor do you need? The code is using V1 of the Zeppos api and I believe almost all sensors supported by V1 are implemented.

Hi Guys,

Anyone here successfully use the xiaomi band 7 as a tracker for ESPresence to track who is in a room?


I don’t, but what would be the issue?

I am using my Xiaomi Band 6 as tracker with ESPresense

Thanks for the feedback Simone77. I assumed you’re using the xiaomi band 6 and not the M6 band right with the latter being a common replica item being sold on aliexpress. they look almost identical on the website.

Bram - Something about the version not being able to turn on being “discoverable”, which was why the band 8 is unsuitable hence wouldnt if band 7 has the same issue.

I’ve recently purchased a Amazfit GTR Mini (Amazfit GTR Mini – amazfit-global-store) and would like to import steps into Home Assistant and preferably also control stuff from the watch.

I’ve read the documentation but am stuck on the “Build and install the ha-zepp application yourself using the Zeus CLI”. I’m not a programmer so this is perhaps really simple, but how and where do I “Build and install the ha-zepp application”? Have anyone else already built an app for the Amazfit GTR Mini?

This fork includes the GTR Mini as build option. (The UI layout is different though).

If you don’t want this, you have to include the GTR Mini as build option yourself in app.json.

Then see this message to build a QR code (replace the GitHub link with the one of the fork). The QR code can be scanned again in the Zepp app.

I am encountering errors while installing Zeus CLI; I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if this is expected. After installation, I chose a device; I selected Amazfit-band7 since I own a Mi Band 7. Then, I scanned the QR code using both the modified and the original Zepp app, but received the error message “download failed, error code: null.” can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?

There should also be an option to build for Mi Band 7. See also here regarding your error.