After HA iOS app update, cannot login

My iOS app updated, and when I started it, I was logged out and due to change in the app store I needed to remove my device from the integration list in HASS otherwise i would risk dupe devices.

no problem, I did that through my laptop.

Went back to the iOS HA app and it found my server, but when I try to login with the home assistant local creds and hit submit, I’m shown the login form again (no error message). I then enter same creds again, and get this error:

At no point am I prompted for my TOTP (which I have setup).

At first I thought I forgot my password, but I verified it by opening a chrome icognito window and signing in. When I enter the same credentials, I’m prompted as expected for my TOTP code. After entering it, I’m successfully taking to the my lovelace dashboard.

What am I doing wrong?

You’re running into a bug specific to iOS 14 beta 5. The bug is on Apple’s side and they’ve been made aware of it, but nothing else we can do besides hope they fix it ASAP. More info here.

The temporary workaround for getting past this login screen in the app is to press the “return” key on the keyboard rather than tapping the login button.

But once you do, you’re still going to run into issues interacting with your dashboard. Basically anytime you tap a button or toggle it’ll cause the web view to crash and reload. Super annoying, but that’s part of the risk in using beta software… Hopefully Apple fixes it by the next beta.

Thank you! I indeed do have iOS 14 beta 5 installed. Appreciate the prompt and detailed reply

Looks like this is fixed in iOS beta 6!

Hey guys, since the new version of the ios app I can no longer access my system remotely via duck dns. I can only access it from the local wi-fi network.

I noticed the new installation changed one of either the internal or external addresses (can’t remember which). I have specified the ip address of my server as the internal IP address (it won’t connect via the http://homeassistant.local:8123 or http://homeassistant:8123).

I am attempting to connect via https://[domain], but I just get ‘connection lost. reconnecting…’ on my app.

Had been working flawlessly till the new version. If anyone has any ideas I’d be grateful.

I am using iOS 13.6


I’d recommend posting a new topic