After HassOS upgrade to 4.8, unable to access anything

HassIO running a Raspberry pi 3b+

I upgraded HassOS to the latest version (I think it was 4.8) this morning. After upgrade, I can’t access anything on the system. I am unable to hit the web interface, the SAMBA mounts are inaccessible, I can’t SSH to it. None of my automations are working. These were all working perfectly before upgrade. I left it for about an hour, and nothing.

I pulled the power, plugged in a keyboard and monitor, and restarted. It appears to go through a boot sequence, there are no errors during boot that I could. tell (scrolled through kind of quickly), and get:-

Welcome to Home Assistant
Hassio login:

If it I type in root as the user, I get:-

Error: No such container: hassio_cli

Not sure what else to do here. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

There is an issue for some updating to 4.8, already discussed in this thread.

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Thanks … I did search before I posted, but obviously not for the right things. I wish I hadn’t upgraded now. I have never had a problem previously.

I have just started the process of creating a new SD Card from scratch and then planning on doing a restore from snapshot. Hopefully that will resolve it all.

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That got me on the right track! I created the network config USB key as per the advice in the thread, and it looks like things are back up now as per before the upgrade! It looks to have reverted back to my previous version of the operating system. I think I might leave it there and skip 4.8 for the moment.

Thanks so much … there is still an issue with the 4.8 image, but this at least I’m back up and running!

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4.8 update break my install (RPI 3B+). I solved the problem with a rollback:

  1. Connect Screen + Keyboard
  2. CLI login (root / no password)
  3. ha > login
  4. os upgrade --version 3.13
  5. docker pull homeassistant/armv7-hassio-supervisor:latest
  6. reboot