After power loss, most zigbee devices can't reconnect

after a power loss of about 2 hours, half of my zigbee devices (mostly bulbs) cant’t connect anymore.

my current setup:
Hassio on Raspberry 3, with Conbee II usb bridge
Home Assistant Core 2022.6.7
Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.07.0
Home Assistant OS 8.2
Conbee II fw 26720700

The whole thing is up and running for the last 2 years, without big issues.
I had other power outages in the past and usually all devices reconnected automatically, but for some reason it didn’t happen, and I can’t find the root cause.

What I tried:

  • reboot system
  • change zigbee channel
  • change Wifi channel
  • disable 2.4ghz and/or 5ghz wifi networks
  • restore a working Hassio backup
  • change usb port/cable for ConbeeII bridge

Nothing changed.
I can’t understand what’s wrong.
Is there a solution that doesn’t imply to reset and pair again the affected devices?

search for the lights again - and they will come back

This doesn’t work: offline lights are still offline.
Or do you mean that I need to phisically remove the bulbs and keep them next to the bridge?

no I just search the lights again.

try reboot host, (not just HA) and seach light

Again, this doesn’t work.
As a last try, I decided to change zigbee channel once more, an the Osram bulbs came online… so the issue now is only related to Tradfri (Ikea) bulbs. Tradfri sensor are still online, maybe because they are battery powered.

I’am very frustrated!
Starting from this early morning, ALL sensors - Xiaomi, Tradfri, Philips - stopped working. They still appear online, but they do not react! (no motion detected, no lux/temperature changes…)