After update Home Assistant, Error connecting to deCONZ gateway

I’m hassio running in a virtual machine and using deCONZ as intergration. It worked fine for several moths but, after latest update, both hassio and homeasistant. Home assistant can’t connect to the deconz gateway anymore.
I think it is trying to connect to the wrong IP address

The error gives:

Logger: homeassistant.components.deconz
Source: components/deconz/
Integration: deCONZ (documentation, issues)
First occurred: August 2, 2021, 10:43:30 PM (862 occurrences)
Last logged: 5:47:39 PM

Error connecting to deCONZ gateway at ****

And in Phoscon the IP Address is:


In phoscon it al works fine but I can’t controle anything from homeassistant.

Any suggestions how to change (correct) the Ipaddress?


Did you try removing the deconz integratiom amd setting it up again with the correct IP?

Thank you.
No not yet. Almost though. But stopped because I’m afraid losing my deconz configuration.
Can I do it without loosing the configuration?
I prefer to change IP address somewhere in a configuration file if possible.

As far as I remember you won’t lose any config, but no guarantee. You could edit the files in the .storage directory, if you know what you are doing.


Most likely I don’t know what I’m doing. But that hasn’t stopped me trying before.
I think will try to find the config file first. And change the IP address.
If it breaks the config, plan B will do. Hopefully :wink:

Will give feedback

Yup changing the IP address was enough to make it all work again.
In “/config/.storage/core.config_entries” with Studio Code,
Found the part that handles “domain deconz” and changed:
“host”: “”, to “host”: “”, and everything back to normal.


Thanks for sharing your process.

I think this really highlights one of issues with HA moving towards a GUI-only integration config approach.

I had this same issue again.
I do not know what trigged the Ip address change. There where two updates and a restart of the VM where hassio is running on. So most likely something in the starting order of the docker containers.

Is it possible to point to the docker containers name? Like a host name. These names are scripted and should stay the same.

Hi, guys. I have the same issue with IP. I tried to mount my sdcard/flash drive to Windows PC, but I was unable to find location “/config/.storage/core.config_entries”

Also had the issue and had to change the ip to the correct/new(?) one.

Really don’t understand how this could happen out of the blue. Is it the Deconz that changed its own IP or is it HA that messed with the config file? Really strange to me… I believe it happened after I updated the HA OS update as well.


If you still have access to the web interface. I would try that route.
Do you have the studiocode plugin installed? If I have time today I will post some screenshots.
(Sorry I forgot to post this it was still waiting in my edit screen)

Finally got it to work. I amended the IP adress using the Studio code plugin. From to Working like a charm now. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hey there all, I’m looking to fix my connection to deconz in a similar manner after upgrading the underlying container deconz is running in. It is actually accessible via the machine’s IP and HA is detecting the docker IP. Very comfortable editing the json to point to the correct IP however I’ve read elsewhere that HA will eventually update the JSON upon a restart and I’ll be back to square one.

I’m trying to be cautious because I have 58 entities that I don’t want to get renamed, etc since I have them all over the UI. Does editing the JSON actually stick?

EDIT: I figured it out I think. I edited the JSON but also when I restarted HA I went to deconz to reallow API access and we’re all set. I’ll just check the availability of entities (the 86, I was way under in my guess above).

Docker assigns container IP with each reboot. I resolved this by putting the deconz container on network ‘host’ (NUC-docker). On Synology NAS same and run it with high privileges

Searching and looking for the .storage directory in studiocode. But I cannot find it. What am I doing wrong?

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I have the same issue since last HA update. I am wondering how this can happen.
The file in question cannot be found in my HA file editor

How is the gateway address different from the device address?

I ran in that same issue when I tried to use the simple text editor. It does not show the hidden " .storage" folder. Virtual studio code will show it.
Open the application menu (hamburger menu) → files->Open Folder (Ctrl+O) → Select the /config/.storage/ folder via the selection box.

for why this is happening, my guess:
When the server restart the dockers DHCP server has to assign new IP addresses and the order of readiness decides who gets what IP. (a race condition?). I think Docker has a local DNS as well so if can point to the containers name this should not be a issue anymore. I have not tried that yet.
I hope someone with more knowledge about this topic can try this or say something smart about it.

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I found the changed IP for the Phoscon Gateway here:


I then followed EngiBenchi’s guide:

I ran in that same issue when I tried to use the simple text editor. It does not show the hidden " .storage" folder. Virtual Studio Code will show it.

Open the application menu (hamburger menu) → files->Open Folder (Ctrl+O) → Select the /config/.storage/ folder via the selection box.

I understand how to change the ip, but after changing it, reboot the host it changes back again.
Any suggestions or tips.