After update to 2023.12, create automation > action > device > all say 'no area'

title says it mostly. I have 8+ smartwings blinds in my devices but they all show up as ‘no area’ so I can’t tell which ones are for which room. Is this a bug or something I need to do?

I’m having a similar issue. When adding a device to a scene, listed devices don’t show which area they’re in. They all report as ‘no area’.

I’ve opened an issue in this regard - When Creating a Scene, Area Not Shown in Device List

same issue here, I am new to HA so was thinking that I made a mistake somewhere. I have 7 Somfy blinds that I want to add to a keypad automation but yeah, just confusing without the area name showing.

How is this going to be fixed? Through a HA update of an upcoming version?

A fix has been made to HA which can be applied by installing version 12.1.

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Yes, just installed the new version and it’s working again. Thanks :grinning: