Air conditioner models with different on/off IR?

where did you get the codes On and OFF (if your remotes has just toggle)

exacltly. FOr my Panasonic TV (a plasma of 2013) I was able to download the codes from the internet (can’t remember now where I found them).

Now I have it work perfectly with Alexa (ON is ON and OFF is OFF).

Besides last week, if you have the Broadlink RMPRO or Mini, now the new Broadlink APP (IHC) that works with Alexa discovers by itself in Alexa as Television and the ON is ON and OFF is OFF. But this works only for Television not anything else (typical crappy chinese software)

a very unsmart solution is to put a very cheap indoor camera pointed to the A/C indoor unit …

One way to determine the exact state of the switch is to use a smart wall socket that can report power consumption to HA. Then use the value to determined the state in a Template Switch. After that, use the template switch to control the TV/AC.

First, point your remote to the AC and press the power button. It will turn the AC on.

Next, point the remote AWAY from the AC and press the power button again.

Finally, point the remote to the AC again and press the same button again. If it remains on, means it is different IR code. If the AC turn off, it means it is a toggle button.

Well, the codes are already reverse engineered in the library I linked, however you will need an Arduino or ESP8266 for example to make use of them in their current form.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, I tried out the ESPEasy distro on a NodeMCU the other day to get my heat pump into HomeAssistants clutches, and that worked really well once I finally managed to flash the right libraries and things onto it. It also has support for a lot of sensors, so I stuck a BME280 on there for temperature readings, and managed to thermostat control my heat pump. (Mainly so I had an excuse for telling my wife not to touch the remote and turning the living room into the freezing arctic at all times… :slight_smile: )

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I have that, can you help me with it? Is a zwave switch, for which I am also trying to understand how to calculate the DAYLY energy consumption.

Hurray, mine is with different ON/OFF, great.

I also have a powerful/quite/auto button, but I think that is circular code (same code)

Can you give me an example how to do it?

If value is below 750 Watt I know is in Quite mode
Between 751 and 1199 is in Auto mode
Above 1200 is powerful mode

you can look at
I use it and works fine with acs that user an ir remote control.

Its’ a 120 USD device. You can do the same with a Broadlink mini (10 USD) + your HASS installation …

you are right but supported them during crowd funding and was not aware of home assistant…but getting codes in for ACs is not the same as TV. AC remotes dump everything…for eg if you change the temp from 24 to 25 C…the remote will dump whether it is on coll, fan setting…swing setting…etc etc…
Find ir codes fo ACs was a nightmare.

It’s ok you did well. I bought 4 x 150 Euro Netatmo shitty product, I could have done the same with 1/10th of the price and HASS, which I discovered later. Things like this happens.

As per the codes, you just need the original remote. I found out that my Panasonic IR each key press is different (pretty smart from panasonic) even if you press the same key (circular mode, each key 3 functions, but same key has 3 different IR codes).

My other chinese made A/C of course not.

Will keep in mind…ordering broadlink soon…anyone know the best way to get outside temperature data in…tried wunderground and a local weater station that someone else installed but goes offline…

Maybe buy a Xiaomi sensor for 10 $ and keep it outside

Or the broadlink a1

yup ordered a whole bunch of xiaomi products…lets see

I was thinking you can chuck a door sensor on the aircon and check the status like that?

You mean when the vents move get a trigger?

exactly, same way i keep track i actually locked the garage :slight_smile: as I am yet to find a RF that work rolling code garage controllers.

I suppose the question is more of how do you get the trigger to set the status of the switch? I was going to be happy to see a aircon status like i do a the garage door.

off topic: i was thinking with things like TV you have an IP address/mac associated so you can ping to see if it’s alive and maintain status like that? is there a smart way to integrate this in HA with code?

There is a project which bypass the remote, by putting a device to trigger the button of the unit inside the garage

Hi Snedig,

Would you be able to share how you used the ModeMCU for controlling your heatpump?
I’m planning to integrate my old Panasonic heat pump to Home assistant, and found this:

However that wont give me temperature feeback, and your solutions seems to be ideal for that purpose.