Air purifier with HA readable air quality values?

I have a couple of air purifiers around my house that are dumb and just run all the time. I’m fine with this, but these devices have sensors built in where they detect when particulates in the air are higher and they run on a higher setting automatically. I would love to find some smart air purifiers that are able to transmit their air quality data to HA. I don’t need to be able to actually control the device, but I’d love to be able to read the data in HA. Does anyone have devices they are already able to do this with?

I found two possible options so far.

It seems like this one might have the data I need, but I don’t especially love the price:
Custom Component for Mila Air Purifier - Share your Projects! / Custom Integrations - Home Assistant Community (

Govee is able to be integrated to HA, but I need to investigate if the API has the data I want:
disforw/goveelife: Home Assistant Govee integration using the newest API for ALL Govee WiFi devices (

Does anyone have experience with either of these devices or others they can comment on using? I like the price of the Govee devices better, but am not certain I can get the data… I’d obviously prefer devices that communicate on LAN as well.