Custom Component for Mila Air Purifier

I just finished creating this custom component for Mila Air Purifier.
Link: ha-mila

Please feel free to comment here or create a github issue if you have any feedback or feature requests :slight_smile:

(Also, check out my blog post about why it took me so long to reverse engineer the API - post)


Thanks for doing this! I got a Mila a couple of months ago and have been hoping that something would pop up. Great work so far!

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Thanks so so so much for this! I have 6 of these :slight_smile:

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Anyone by chance have the auth and API URLs and Client ID for the Mila beta/pre-prod side?

Following on this old thread, how do you leverage this integration to control the speed of the Dan in manual mode? Although it can be adjusted from the dashboard, I cannot find the appropriate variable to control this function. What am I missing?